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Sherwin Island & A52

Councillor Martin Plackett reports:  Plans for grass cutting by Highways England along the urban stretch of the A52 are planned for this Friday.   Broxtowe Borough Council Environment  Team will also be undertaking maintenance work  on the Island too when traffic management is in place. 

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Topographical Survey on Bramcote Hills Park

David Watts has informed us: “During the next few days a topographical survey will be undertaken on Bramcote Park, in the area close to the children’s play area. This is for the architects designing the concept drawings for the community café and toilets. As well as mapping the levels of the site they will be identifying the drainage and manhole covers. We wanted to let people know in advance that this was happening to avoid any worries or misunderstandings if workmen are seen on the park.   Continue reading

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Paul Nathanail: An independent candidate for the County Council elections

Local resident, Paul Nathanail, has today announced he will be standing as a candidate in the Bramcote & Beeston North ward for the elections to Nottinghamshire County Council being held on 4 May 2017. 

Paul is standing in order to maximise the benefit to local residents of the enormous changes in land use being considered by the County Council on land that it owns in the ward. Continue reading

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Conservative ‘Spring in Touch’ out now

Bramcote Conservative Delivery Team are distributing their Spring In Touch to all households in the Ward.   Click the link to see the leaflet.  Bramcote Conservative Spring in Touch 2017

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Bus Fare Increases on Nottingham City Transport

Nottingham City Transport fares are revised from today.

For adults the on bus standard city single is frozen at £2.00 but the on bus all day ticket rises from £3.50 to £3.70.

Nottingham City Transport have made significant changes to their fare structure. Read the full details at to ensure you are buying the best value ticket for your journey.

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Bus Fare Increases on trentbarton

Councillor Richard MacRae writes: trentbarton Bus fares go up from today.

Also you can no longer use the Robin Hood Card from or to the Sherwin Arms stops. It’s been changed to Moss Drive/Town Street and Cow Lane/Derby Road in both directions.

Tram connect tickets will also no longer be available on 18. Which means anyone catching the 18 from Stapleford/Bramcote to Beeston Interchange to then hop on the Tram will now have to pay even more money.

Single fares will increase by 10p, while ‘2trip’ return tickets will increase by around 20p and the Nottingham city fare will go up to £2.20. MANGO card fares will also increase in line with these changes.

The services affected are

Skylink Nottingham
Skylink express
20 & 21
Keyworth connection
Rainbow one
Rapid one
Cotgrave connection
Rushcliffe mainline
Rushcliffe villager

Tram connect tickets will also change. Adult day returns will be £4.80, seven day £24 and 28 day £75. Child day returns will rise to £2.90, seven day £14, and 28 day £40.


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The Planning Maze

Ian Tyler writes: The existing planning laws consistently confront councils of all political persuasions with the dilemma of how to provide much needed homes within restricted areas.

The resultant pressures cause high intensity developments which, while providing accommodation do not best meet the needs of families, the young or the elderly.

The Green Belt requirment is laudable in its aim to ensure separation of distinctive towns,villages and communities but hidebound by the historic nature of our ancient county, borough and parish boundaries.

I’m not trying to open a dogmatic debate on how we deal with the status quo but rather seeking to encourage some new thoughts and ideas on a way forward.

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Official Minutes of CAT Meeting held 6 March 2017

Click here to read the Minutes of Meeting 6 March 2017

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Councillor Jacky Williams has asked Questions about Potholes

Jacky Williams

At this morning’s County Council meeting, I asked the following question of the Chairman of the Transport and Highways committee: is the chairman aware that potholes (certainly in and around Stapleford) are being repaired to a sub-standard quality, in many cases, by subcontractors, employed by VIA EM, such that they are subsequently requiring further attention within a short time span, which must be  extremely costly for the County Council.

The Chairman responded saying that an investigation was being carried out.    I then asked how much the Council had to pay out for insurance claims where drivers had experienced burst tyres.   I was advised that the insurance process takes 2-3 years and that a response would be forthcoming.

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Rat on a Rat Campaign

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Stapleford Community Group’s latest Newsletter

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Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum General Meeting Monday 27 March.

Paul Nathanail, Chair, Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum writes: The next meeting of the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum will be on Monday 27 March.

The meeting will discuss a draft map and planning policies to include in the Bramcote Neighbourhood Plan. It will also be a chance for Focum members to hear the result of technical advice on land allocation issues that the Forum received on Monday 20 March from independent advisors.

In order to help with planning and to manage numbers, please register to attend at:

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Councillor Martin Plackett replies to the Liberal Democrate Focus

Martin Plackett

I too was disappointed that the Council had reluctantly agreed to further build on Greenbelt, not least in Bramcote. The current Conservative administration had however little choice.

Over many years during the formulation of the aligned core strategy the then Conservative opposition argued strongly to no avail, that a figure of 6150 houses for the Borough was far too high over the plan period.  The Liberal Democrat/ Labour Council by excepting this figure would inevitably require the allocation of Greenbelt sites for building. Continue reading

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Liberal Democrate ‘Focus’ March 2017

You may read a copy of the Focus on Bramcote March 2017 – Here.

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News from Anna Soubry MP

Hello again,    I wrote to all our head teachers about the proposed changes to how our schools are funded. The consultation period ends this coming week and it appears most of our schools will lose out and all face rising costs. The current funding formula is ludicrously complicated, unfair and needs replacing. However, I am far from convinced the proposed formula is the solution. I have accordingly written to the Education Secretary – more details below.  Please read on as I have a mixed bag of news and views.    As ever,   Anna  Continue reading

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Enews from the Liberal Democrats edited by David Watts

Welcome to Broxtowe Enews, brought to you by the Liberal Democrats and edited by David Watts, on behalf of the Lib-Dems in Broxtowe. Many apologies that there wasn’t an edition last week, unfortunately work commitments got in the way. Continue reading

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Road traffic incident on A52 last night

DSC_0268There was yet another incident on the A52 in Bramcote this Friday night on the stretch approaching the Sherwin Arms Roundabout, involving up to 10 vehicles being damaged, over a 100 yard stretch, both on the road and parked on Resident’s frontages.  Two vehicles were written off in this incident but thankfully no one was seriously injured – miraculously!! 

It appears that two cars were racing and one lost control, mounted the pavement,  resulting in one sign being totally demolished, (see photo) a lamppost being completely sheered off and other sign damage. The driver and passenger of one of the vehicles fled the scene. Had anyone been on the pavement at the time, there would have almost certainly have been a fatality.

Hopefully this latest incident will be taken into account,  and together with my Parliamentary Petition, and previous incidents, the need for some form of Speed Control is now more pressing than ever.

 Tony Smith (Long term Bramcote Resident)

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Bramcote Surgery Receives a Rating of Outstanding From the CQC.

Councillor Jacky Williams writes: Bramcote Surgery has received a rating of outstanding from the CQC. The full report can be seen by clicking this link.

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Explore Nature With Your Little One At Spring Buggy Walks

FREE BUGGY WALKS are back this spring, giving new parents in Broxtowe a chance to get back into exercise and meet with others in the beautiful surroundings of Attenborough Nature Reserve.

Liberty Leisure’s Get Active Team have organised the sessions which take place at Attenborough Nature Reserve from Tuesday 25th April at 10.30am. Just meet at the picnic benches!

Being a new parent can be tiring and you may not feel like going on a walk, but it can actually help boost your mood, help your body recover after birth and may help with postnatal depression.

Meeting others can improve your mental health and social or isolation fears you may have with a new baby – plus your child will love seeing the birds, ducks, flowers and surroundings Attenborough has to offer.

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Boots During World War One – Bramcote History Group Meeting 24 April

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