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Councillor Greg Marshall gives his reply to the letter from the Conservatives

Mud slinging is Anna Soubrys favourite game, but I prefer to deal in facts. 

  • FACT – Broxtowe Women’s Project applied to the council for £6,000 grant aid in July 2016
  • FACT – Conservatives on the council proposed to reduce that grant to £4,800 with no guarantee that the remaining £1,200 would be secured
  • FACT – Labour and LibDem Councillors spoke out and voted against the reduction in grant, aiming to secure the full £6,000 that was so vitally needed
  • FACT – I would never vote to cut domestic violence support services in Broxtowe
  • FACT – Funding for the Domestic Violence Support Officer post is no longer in the budget at Broxtowe Borough Council under the Tories

Only after intense pressure and soul searching from some clearly embarrassed Tory Councillors was the remaining £1,200 granted to Broxtowe Women’s Project 6 months later.

And the Tories claim that tackling domestic violence is one of their priorities. Give me a break.

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Letter to Greg Marshall from Anna Soubry’s Election Agent requesting an inaccurate leaflet be withdrawn.

I enclose a copy of a letter sent from my election agent and Leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, Richard Jackson, to Labour’s candidate in Broxtowe, Greg Marshall and his agent David Jenkins. It is self explanatory.  

Richard is calling on Mr Marshall to withdraw the leaflet he began delivering yesterday in Stapleford given it is wholly inaccurate, making false allegations against Conservatives on Broxtowe Borough Council.

Indeed and somewhat bizarrely, Mr Marshall voted against the granting of money to the Broxtowe Women’s Project as Richard details in the letter.   Anna

Click here to read the Letter to Cllr Greg Marshall

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Crime Update 24 May 2017

Paula Hipkiss (Police, PCSO 7187, Beeston (Broxtowe South) writes:

Crime updates from Broxtowe South Cluster for your consideration:-
Theft From Motor Vehicle
17/18/05/2017 – Troutbeck Crescent, Beeston – vehicle entered and loose change taken.
19/20/05/2017 – Lilac Crescent, Beeston Rylands – vehicle entered and loose change taken. Continue reading

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A Bigger & Better Hemlock Happenning is Planned

Preparations for the 15th annual Hemlock Happening are well underway this week as headline event sponsors, Specsavers (Beeston, Eastwood, Long Eaton and Ilkeston stores) present a cheque to organisers.

Representatives from Specsavers, presented a cheque for £5,200 to event organisers from the Bramcote and Stapleford Golden Jubilee Group and Liberty Leisure Ltd. Continue reading

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An objection to the proposed Pension Policy

One of our readers, Cal O’Callaghan writes:

Now that the Conservative Government has assured us that the pensions of the elderly are as secure as they were with Maxwell, Brown, Green, et al, there is no reasonable argument against voting with our wallets for any party which is committed to protecting our income.

After all, the elderly are variously described as a problem, a crisis, bed-blockers, even having the effrontery not only to live so long, but also to continue to occupy the homes for which they have sacrificed much in order to own.

Continue reading

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Defensive Cycling to Stay Safe on Nottinghamshire’s Roads

One of our readers, Sally Writes, has asked us to publish the following because of her experiences with cycling. Please also see guidance regarding RideWise.

In 2012, a leading cycling website described Nottinghamshire as the most dangerous county in Britain for cyclists. Over the three years following that article, a further six cycling fatalities and 136 serious injuries were reported on the county’s roads, suggesting that as traffic gets heavier, cyclists are still among the most at-risk road users.

There is no doubt that cycling is the most environmentally friendly and low-cost means of transport you can use, and is also a great way of keeping fit. We have all heard about defensive driving as an important aspect of road safety behind the wheel, and the concept is even more important in order to get around on your bike safely.  Here’s how you can go about it:

Continue reading

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News from Anna Soubry

Straight talking, hard working and gets stuff done
Re-elect Anna Soubry
Anna is supported by More United

Anna Soubry writes:My grandmother was matron of Hazel Hill care home in Bestwood. A few years after she retired, she passed away in her sleep in our home just outside Worksop. My grandma Soubry had trained as a nurse and came to Nottingham after my parents married; she worked for many years in the public sector. Sadly, she didn’t live much beyond 65. Continue reading

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Nick Palmer: Be a Tory Strategist for the Day

Nick Palmer writes: As a non-candidate I don’t have to be judicious and positive all the time. So just for fun, here is my take on the shambolic Conservative choice of attack lines this week:

1. Argue the case over pensioners. No, it’s not a threat to your home, well, no more of a threat than we already have, oh you didn’t know? Well, it’s like this, pay attention. And anyway we’ve suddenly decided we’ll have a cap, and we’ll publish details after you’ve voted. There will be fine print, like not having a cap if you’re not ill but just frail, but we’ve not written it yet so can’t tell you what the fine print says. And the Winter Fuel Allowance shouldn’t go to millionaires, unless they’re Scottish millionaires, in which case we’ll have an exemption as we’re worried about the SNP. And the change to the double lock will save a lot of money, but actually won’t affect you because inflation is going over 2.5% anyway. Continue reading

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St Michael’s at the Hemlock Happening

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Bikes Stolen From Bramcote Leisure Centre

Councillor Richard MacRae has drawn our attention to an article on Stapleford Community Group’s website about 2 bikes stolen from Bramcote Leisure Centre. See Can you help?

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Tories in Meltdown Over Social Care

Steve Carr writes: The Liberal Democrats have reacted after a day in which the upper echelons of the Conservative Party were in lock-down, apparently in panic after their social care policy backfired. The Institute for Fiscal Studies analysed Theresa May’s plans and concluded that “the Conservative plan makes no attempt to deal with the fundamental challenge of social care funding.” Continue reading

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Green Party Manifesto

Click on Green Party Manifesto

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A Fair Package or a Dementia Tax?

Nick Palmer writes: I’d like to analyse the issues on age and social care.

First, though, for those who are like me supporting Greg Marshall’s campaign. If you don’t have time to go out canvassing and leafleting, there are two simple things you can do: Continue reading

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First Aid (Introduction to Level 2) 23/24 May

(9.30 – 15.30) Tuesday 23rd  &  (9.30 – 12.00) Wednesday 24th May 2017

This course covers all knowledge and skills required to meet the Health & Safety Executive and the UK Resuscitation Council guidelines. A certificate will be issued for attendance. We can offer the accredited version for those who are interested, but it will cost £10 and will include a 1 hour assessment at the end of the course. Participants will have the option to choose.

To be held at Oban House, 8 Chilwell Road, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1EJ. Car park and light refreshments available.

To book a place on this course, please email or call 0115 917 8080  

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Bramcote Leisure Centre – Half Term Activitie

Tuesday 30th May: 10.00 – 11.00am. Kayaking
Ages: 10 -15 years who can swim over 50 metres and tread water for 1 minute. A fun filled session with games and activities in a Kayak; including; Kayak Rugby, Obstacle Courses, Kayak Dodge Ball, Relay Races and many more.
Price: £5.75. Main Pool

Wednesday 31st May: 10.00 – 11.00am. Flip ‘N’ Fun
Ages: 8 -15 years who can swim over 50 metres and tread water for 1 minute. This fun filled session gives children the opportunity to experience the FUNdamentals of diving. Price: £5.75. Main Pool

Thursday 1st June: 10.00 – 11.00am Snorkel & Flipper
 Ages: 7 -15 years who can swim over 50 metres and tread water for 1 minute. Learn how to use a snorkel and flippers through games and underwater fun.
Price: £5.75. Main Pool

Friday 2nd June: 9.00 – 10.00am Rookie Lifeguard Taster
Ages: 8 -15 years who can swim over 50 metres and tread water for 1 minute
Learn how to tow a casualty, rescue an injured swimmer and fun skills such as relays and group games. Child must bring T-shirt and shorts to wear on top of swimming costume/shorts. Price: £5.75. Main Pool

Continue reading

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Crime Alert

Paula Hipkiss (Police, PCSO 7187, Beeston (Broxtowe South) writes: Crime updates from the last few days on Broxtowe South:-

Shed/Garage Breaks:-

16-17/05/2017 – Farm Road, Chilwell – attempt
16-17/052017 – Farm Road, Chilwell – Shed broken into – 2 cyles stolen, ywllow Voodoo cycle and black Cannondale Bad Boy cycle.
18/05/2017 – Grove Avenue, Beeston – Garage broken into and tools taken. Continue reading

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UKIP Five Election Pledges

Click on this Link.

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Conservative Party Manifesto

Click on Conservative Party Manifesto 2017

Also click on this link.

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Crime Updates

Paula Hipkiss (Police, PCSO 7187, Beeston (Broxtowe South) writes: A crime update for you:-

Shed/Garage Breaks:-
11/12/05/2017 – Russley Road, Bramcote
11/05/2017 – Sherwin Road, Stapleford
11/05/2017 – Rufford Avenue, Bramcote– attempt break
11/05/2017 – Russley Road, Bramcote – Garage broken into, items stolen and a Raleigh cycle
11/05/2017 – Great Hoggett Drive, Chilwell – items stolen from garden and outside store
12/05/2017 – Dennis Avenue, Beeston – cycle stolen
12/05/2017 – Derby Road, Bramcote – 3 cycles stolen, red Pinnacle cycle, grey Voodoo Masara, blue Sirrus cycle
12/05/2017 – Baskin Lane, Chlwell
13/05/2017 – Windsor Street, Stapleford – Garage broken into
14/05/2017 – Trevone Avenue, Stapleford – Garage broken into
Can we remind residents to keep garage and shed doors locked where possible.

Pushbike/Motorcycle/Vehicle Thefts:-
11/05/2017 – Beeston Town Centre – Theft of a black and grey Yamaha MT125 motorcyle
11/05/2017 – Villa Street, Beeston – Theft of a bright blue Mongoose
14/05/2017 – Meadow Road, Beeston – Theft of vehicle from driveway
12/05/2017 – Foster Avenue, Beeston – locked black Carrera cycle stolen
13/05/2017 – Heathfield Grove, Chilwell – House burglary
10/05/2017 – County Close, Beeston Rylands – theft from motor vehicle
11/05/2017 – Valmont Road, Bramcote – Reg plates stolen from a vehicle.
12/05/2017 – Beeston Town Centre – theft of a purse from a shopping trolley.

Beeston Police Station Neighbourhood Policing Team
Broxtowe South Cluster

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Councillor Halimah Khaled MBE is the New Mayor of Broxtowe

MM 1

Outgoing Mayor, Councillor Graham Harvey passes on the chain of office to new Mayor, Councillor Halimah Khaled MBE

Councillor Halimah Khaled MBE was installed as the 41st Mayor of the Borough of Broxtowe last night (Wednesday 17th May) at the Annual Meeting of Broxtowe Borough Council. 

Halimah was joined by friends and family from across the local community on this very special occasion including her husband Laeeq, who will escort her on official engagements over the coming year, and their sons, daughter in law and grandson.

Councillor Khaled, a Conservative Councillor for Toton and Chilwell Meadows takes over from past Mayor (2016/17), Councillor Graham Harvey following his successful year in office which saw him undertake 333 engagements and raise over £9,100 for Prostate Cancer UK with the final total to be confirmed. Continue reading

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