Location of Defibrillators in the Bramcote/Stapleford area

Defibrillators are accessible 24/7 and situated outside these buildings:

Bramcote Hills Primary

Moor Lane NG9 3GE

Donated by the Oliver King Foundation

Memorial Hall

Church Street, Bramcote. NG9 3HD

Bramcote Leisure Centre

Derby Road, NG9 3GF

Defibrillator is stored inside. The leisure centre also has qualified first aiders.

The Co-op Food Store

Hickings Lane, Stapleford. NG9 8PA

24 hour access

The West End Club

(Junction of Derby Road and Brookhill Street) NG9 7AZ

24 hour access

St Luke’s Church

Moorbridge Lane NG9 8GR

24 hour access


Equalised  Club

Albert Avenue.  NG9 8ET

24 hour access

Old Mill Club

Mill Road NG9 8GD

You will need to dial 999 to access an operating code.                        

Update from Cllr MacRae – September 2020:


ST Lukes Church
Moorbridge Lane.

The Pavilion
Pasture Road Recreation Ground.

The Co-Op
Hickings Lane.

Stapleford Fire Station
Pinfold Lane.

The Equalized Club
Albert Avenue.

West End Club
Brookhill Street/Derby Road Junction.


Stapleford Town Football Club
Hickings Lane Recreation Ground.

New Stapleford Community Centre
Washington Drive.

The cabinet on Nottingham Road near The Horse and Jockey is inactive. This is something I am working on.

Contact Cllr Richard MacRae if you are interested in attending a free lesson on CPR

Update December 2019 from Stapleford Community Group:

A brand new Cabinet and Defibrillator have been installed by the Coop and the old one is to be given back to Stapleford Community Group following discussions between upper management of the Co-Op and Councillor Richard MacRae.

This means that we now have a spare set which we will decide what to do with.

If any local group or organisation is interested then please email us at staplefordcommunitygroup@gmail.com

New Defibrillator at Hickings lane Co-op

Both Stapleford Councillors John McGrath and Richard MacRae have requested that Broxtowe Borough Council take a report to committee to discuss the Defibrillators, not just in Stapleford but all around Broxtowe Borough.

The report will cover the locations of all of the Defibrillators, if they are 24 hour access or only available when a building is in use, who is responsible for each Defibrillator and who is responsible for the upkeep and replacement of batteries and pads in each unit.

In the mean time we (Stapleford Community Group) have ordered replacement batteries and pads for two of the Defibrillators in Stapleford, one on Derby Road/Brookhill Street and one on Moorbridge Lane.

The Defibrillator which was planned to be installed at The Vista area of Stapleford is currently on hold until the report has been finalised. We would also like to confirm that this Defibrillator which was previously at The Magpie was removed once EMAS had unregistered it from the system.

There is also going to be a meeting in the beginning of January between EMAS and the two Councillors with others included to discuss this as well.