Bus Timetables

Link to Locallink L10   Route: Beeston Bus Station – Sandringham Drive – Bramcote Lane Shops – Wollaton, Admiral Rodney – Lambourne Drive – Jubilee Campus – Canning Circus – Victoria Centre, Milton Street and return. This service is now operated by Nottingham Community Transport.

Link to NCT 30: Wollaton Vale, Rosedale Drive – Bramcote Lane, Shops – Wollaton, Admiral Rodney – Jubilee Campus – Canning Circus – City, Victoria Centre and return.

Link to NCT 35   Route: Bulwell – Strelley – Bilborough – Wollaton Vale – QMC –Derby Road – City Centre and return. Service is within walking distance of Bramcote Moor. 

Link to 510  Operated by Nottinghamshire County Council. Route: Beeston, Bus Station (Bay A), Attenborough, opp Glendale Court, Attenborough, adj Ireton Grove, Chilwell, Nottingham Road, Chilwell, adj Ranson Road, Toton, opp Chetwynd Barracks, Toton, opp Inchwood Close, Toton, adj Epsom Road, Toton, opp 41 Seaburn Road Hail & Ride, Toton, opp Shops, Stapleford, New Eaton Road, Stapleford, opp Memorial Garden, Stapleford, opp Cliffe Hill Avenue, Stapleford, o/s Chequers Inn, Stapleford, Hickings Lane, Stapleford, adj Washington Drive, Bramcote Hills, o/s Crematorium, Stapleford, adj Trenton Close, Stapleford, adj Cliffe Hill Avenue. Not all buses run over the whole route. View the timetable for full details. Monday to Saturday only.

Link to Trent Barton i4  Route: Derby Bus Station, Bay 6 – Chaddesden Lane End –  Spondon Lodge Lane –  Arnhem Terrace –  Borrowash –  Risley The Risley Park –  Sandiacre Town Street –  Sandiacre Stanton Road –  Sandiacre Coronation Avenue –  Sandiacre Travers Road –  Sandiacre White Lion –  Stapleford Chequers –  Bramcote Sherwin Arms –  The Nurseryman –  QMC Front –  Nottingham Broadmarsh Bus Station and return. NB Not all buses run to and from Derby. Many start and finish at Sandiacre Town Street. View the timetable for full details.

Link to Trent Barton 18   Route: Stapleford The Jaguar –  Stapleford Melbourne Road –  Stapleford Chequers Inn –  Bramcote Sherwin Arms –  Bramcote Ave/Bramcote Lane –  Chilwell Castle College –  Beeston Bus Station –  Beeston Rylands Meadow Rd Shops – Beeston Rylands Riverside Road –  Lilac Grove Boots Works –  Dunkirk –  QMC Front –  Nottingham, Broadmarsh Bus Station and return. NB Not all buses go to Beeston Rylands Riverside Road. View the timetable for full details.

Link to Replacement service CT4N – 18 WEF 1 October 2018. Trent Barton 18 no longer operates.

Link to Trent Barton 20Sundays and Bank Holidays only. Route: Heanor, Market Place, Stop 5 – Marlpool, Buxton Avenue – Ilkeston Wharncliffe Road – Ilkeston, Heathfield Avenue, Monks Close – Ilkeston, Cavendish Road, Schools – Kirk Hallam, Godfrey Drive, Abbot Road – Kirk Hallam, St Norbert Drive – Hallam Fields, Corporation Road – Trowell, Ilkeston Road, St Helens Crescent – Stapleford, Pasture Road, Peatfield Road – Stapleford, Hickings Lane – Bramcote Ewe Lamb Lane, Derby Road, Sherwin Arms – Chilwell, Bramcote Avenue, Mottram Road – Chilwell, High Road, Cator Lane – Beeston, Bus Station, Bay A – Beeston Rylands, Meadow Road – Beeston Rylands, Lilac Grove – Nottingham University, University Blvd – Queens Medical Centre, Derby Road – Nottingham, Broadmarsh Bus Station Bay 9 and return. Sundays and Bank Holidays only.

Link to Trent Barton 21   Route: Ilkeston, Wharncliffe Road –  Kirk Hallam, Godfrey Drive / Abbot Road – Kirk Hallam, Queen Elizabeth Way –  Hallam Fields, Charnos –  Trowell Church –  Trowell Park –  Stapleford, Hickings Lane, West Ave –  Bramcote, Sherwin Arms –  The Nurseryman –  QMC Front –  Nottingham Broadmarsh Bus Station and return. NB View the timetable for full details.

High Peak Buses now operate the TransPeak service ( Manchester, Stockport, Buxton, Bakewell, Matlock, Belper, Derby,)  that was run by Trent Barton.  From the end of November 2012 ‘TransPeak’ operates from Derby with no buses coming through to Nottingham. Hikers etc. will then have to take the Trent Barton Red Arrow or i4 services  to Derby and change there.  The Transpeak timetable from Derby can be found by clicking this link.