Bramcote Today is a community website, designed, edited and moderated by three volunteer Bramcote residents, Steve Austin, Mike Johnson and Sue Sambells. Originally created and launched at the spring 2011 CAT meeting and updated and relaunched at the spring 2018 CAT meeting. To find out more view Bramcote Today Past and Present.


The costs of running Bramcote Today (essentially maintaining our domain name) have been met from the Councillors’ Divisional Fund of Nottinghamshire County Council. Initially funds were donated by Stan Heptinstall when he was County Councillor for Bramcote and recently (2021) by Steve Carr as County Councillor for Bramcote and Beeston North. We should like to thank them both for their support.

Data Protection

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on Friday 25 May 2018. If you are a Follower or Email Follower of Bramcote Today, your email address is stored in the administration files of the website so you will receive the notification from the website that you have requested. Your email address is used solely for this purpose. You may unsubscribe at any time and, if you have any difficulty doing this, please contact the Editors at bramcotetoday@hotmail.com

Contributing to the blog

We want this to be very much your website and we welcome contributions from everyone. Please feel free to:

  • suggest news items for the blog
  • contribute features, reviews or photographs
  • comment on existing items

Newsletters and Promotional Material

We offer a community service and are happy to share newsletters, such as from our MP, local Church and local schools as well as promotional material about local clubs, societies, art fairs etc. We do this on the strict understanding that the contributor provides accurate information and has copyright for any images shared or written permission from the copyright owner to share the image with us. Click to view guidelines around copyright.

Comments and Posts Publication Policy

Comments to existing posts, and submissions for new posts, are most welcome from within the community, as long as relevant to the residents of Bramcote.  Please be constructive, not personally insulting, hurtful, defamatory, or liable to compromise the privacy of others. Providing your full name adds credibility to your comment but we will accept your first name plus initial for your surname. We won’t accept pseudonyms. Additionally, your comments must be clearly understood by the editors.

We will not publish comments that don’t meet this policy.

Contact us

To add your point of view to an existing article, use the comments option below the article. To contribute a fresh idea, email bramcotetoday@hotmail.com, preferably including an appropriate picture that we may use as our featured image, for which you have copyright or written permission from the copyright owner to share the image with us. Click to view guidelines around copyright.

Original Website

If you wish to access an article from our original site, please contact us proving full details of what you wish to view.