Forum response to chetwynd neighbourhood plan consultation

Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum has responded to the consultation of plans for the area around Chilwell and Toton to object to the suggestion that a new junction be constructed on the A52 between the Sherwin and Bardill islands on the following grounds:

  • the road south through green belt, over the tram lines and beyond is unnecessary,
  • will add to congestion on the A52
  • worsen air pollution
  • hinder achieving Broxtowe’s goal to be carbon neutral by the end of this decade and be a waste of many millions of public money.

We also object to the aspiration for the south Broxtowe leisure centre to be anywhere other than Bramcote and consider the transport considerations to be fanciful.

The loss of HS2 is a game changer that does not seem to have been factored in to what is now feasible for the area around Toton sidings.

We would be grateful for the chance to present our concerns to the independent examiner in person if there is to be a public examination.

Kind regards,

Paul Nathanail

How you can have your say

  2. Open the online consultation form.
  3. Complete the form (see below for the questions).

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