Proposed Residential Development – Land to the East of Coventry Lane Bramcote

Development Funds Replacement School Buildings

Further details on the site and the proposed development can be found at the virtual exhibition at


Submission of full planning application to Broxtowe Borough Council – September 2022.

Determination of full planning application – Autumn 2022.

Commencement of construction on site – Spring 2023, subject to planning permission being granted.

Completion of the development – Summer 2028.


  1. Why is it every spare bit of countryside has to be built on
    About time we started to save what is left for future generations or they will never know what countryside was


    1. Apparently we can’t have decent school buildings unless the school gets 30 pieces of silver for spare land that it owns. That it is/was greenbelt land doesn’t seem to count. I do not understand school funding but is it not Notts CC’s responsibility to use the taxes we pay them to provide adequate education for our youngsters and this involves having buildings that are fit for purpose, whether they be new ones or refurbished ones.
      The same scenario arose at Bilborough College: new houses & flats in the middle of nowhere to (help?) fund the replacement college building.
      And where are all these new residents coming from?


  2. This is going to be a disaster for air quality in the area as well as infrastructure stress. I have been protesting about all these developments for ages. No-one seems to take on board the fact that with all the big developments going on along Coventry Lane, either end will be totally jammed (as it already is at certain times of the day. The Council have no right to give our land away to an Academy Trust, basically a private, profit making company. The houses are not even going to be affordable housing. I was told that the impact on air quality will be ‘mitigated’. When I asked what that actually meant, I was told that the council (to meet their commitments to improving air quality) will be planting thousands of trees elsewhere in the county. That’s not going to help those who live in the area – including the children going to the schools. Will there be new primary schools? Doctors? Shops? At some point they will realise that only having one road in and out of these developments is unsustainable and I expect the final bit of woodland will have to go to facilitate another access point.

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  3. This is worse than I thought. It looks so crowded and the open space to the south west is tiny, right next to a major road. I feel for those living on Sloan Drive and Latimer Drive who will have a road and housing overlooking their gardens. If most houses have more than one car then I don’t see how the roads can cope with potentially up to 800 additional cars , not to mention the lack of school places in the area now. This is so desperately sad for locals in a quiet area and the loss of further green belt space that’s been used by the public for decades.


    1. Rishi Sunak’s view on green belt:

      ” Conservative Party leadership contender Rishi Sunak has pledged to stop home building on the green belt, arguing that all development should take place on ‘brownfield, brownfield, brownfield’.
      Sunak’s campaign cited analysis by the House of Commons Library showing the green belt had shrunk by 1 per cent since 2006 as justification for further planning restrictions.
      As party leader and prime minister, Sunak said he would prevent local authorities from requesting changes to green belt boundaries with planners ordered to automatically reject any such proposal.
      “Over the last few years we’ve seen too many examples of local councils circumventing the views of residents by taking land out of the green belt for development, but I will put a stop to it.
      “Under my plans, if a local community has clearly judged a development to be inappropriate there are no circumstances in which planning permission should be granted.”
      More homes could be built while protecting “our most precious landscape”, he added, with space for 1 million homes across brownfield sites. ”

      [Not that I am advocating that either he or Liz Truss should be our PM]


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