Darren Henry’s Serving Broxtowe Update on 15th July 2022

Conservative Party Leadership Election

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement last Thursday that he would be resigning, a leadership contest has commenced to decide who will be our next Prime Minister. Initially 11 candidates declared and as of today, 5 remain in the race. For a full breakdown of how the leadership elections are conducted please visit https://www.conservatives.com/leadership-faqs

I have been clear since the election commenced that I am firmly behind Liz Truss to be our next Prime Minister. I have known Liz since serving at RAF Marham, where she left a great impression on me, with her dedication and commitment to those she serves. She has a clear vision for the economy and a track record of delivering Conservative policies. During these uncertain times this is exactly what I believe the country needs. That is why I am backing her to be the next Prime Minister as someone who will deliver for the UK and for my constituents in Broxtowe.

I was concerned to hear about the prospect that the Stapleford Branch of the Post Office on Derby Road is to close on 19th July. Following my above letter to the Post Office last week, I have now received a reply.

The Post Office is actively looking for a new postmaster to come forward and expressions of interest can be made using this link:


Stapleford Post Office is a lifeline for many people in the Town offering banking services and I am hopeful that someone will come forward so we do not lose this important facility.

In Parliament

Despite the events surrounding the ongoing leadership election, normal business in Parliament has continued and I have been busy attending meetings as well as championing issues that matter to my constituents here in Broxtowe.

On Monday, I attended a climate change briefing organised by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Climate Change given by Sir Patrick Vallance, the Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser.

We have a huge task ahead of us as we work towards the net zero target of 2050 and limit rises in global temperature. It is essential that the Government and ourselves here in Broxtowe do everything we can to address this crucially important global issue.

On Wednesday I had the privilege to present a petition to the Speaker of the House of Commons on behalf of constituents in Broxtowe regarding the Schools Bill.

Having met with residents at a recent constituency surgery, I understand their concerns about the effect that the Bill will have on elective home education for children and I think it is only right that we take a further look at this issue and make sure that parents’ views are taken into account.

I am also serving on the Public Bill Committee which is scrutinising the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill. Levelling Up is a flagship policy of this Government and something I have been keen to ensure that we receive our fair share of investment here in Broxtowe. This Bill builds on the commitments from the Levelling Up White Paper released in February and has four main aims:

  • boost productivity, pay, jobs and living standards by growing the private sector, especially in those places where they are lagging;
  • spread opportunities and improve public services, especially in those places where they are weakest;
  • restore a sense of community, local pride and belonging, especially in those places where they have been lost;
  • empower local leaders and communities, especially in those places lacking local agency.

As part of this, the Bill is seeking to enhance the devolution arrangements available to local authorities, bringing more powers and decision-making to the local level as well as to reform the planning process and enhance the role of local consultation.

Additionally, I have been continuing to enjoy my new role as a member of the Levelling Up Housing and Communities Select Committee where we have had a busy schedule scrutinising the work of the Department.

At a recent session, I questioned the Minister for Housing and Rough Sleeping about the need for regulation over the issue of exempt accommodation. Whilst exempt accommodation such as hotels and boarding houses play an important part in our economy, it is right that they are kept to the best possible standard.

At the end of June, the Government published a Draft Mental Health Bill. I welcome this much needed development. Since becoming the Member of Parliament for Broxtowe I have both spoken and written to the Government many times regarding hugely important changes that must come with this Bill.  Changes to the way individuals are dealt with in inpatient facilities, especially for those with autism and learning disabilities, are essential.

I look forward to going through the Bill in detail and participating in the debates that will now follow. How we approach and handle mental health MUST change. I hope that the introduction of this Bill will mean that more people are receiving the help they need and that the Government will continue to ensure mental health is a priority,

Armed Forces Day 2022

Saturday 25th June was Armed Forces Day 2022. Having served for 26 years in the Royal Air Force, I am incredibly proud of our Servicemen and women and it is good to see this event becoming more popular year on year. I was honoured to be invited to a reception with the Speaker of the House to mark the occasion and later in the week I joined the Eastwood Branch of the Royal British Legion of which I am a member for the Freedom of Entry Parade.

The Government has recently taken a key stride in supporting our Veteran community. I was delighted to hear that as of last week, the Cabinet now has a dedicated Minister for Veterans, putting the UK on par with many other countries recognising the crucial importance of this role. I will continue to speak up in Parliament for our Veterans and ensure they get the support they rightly deserve.

I am continuing to train for the Robin Hood Half Marathon which I am running in aid of Beeston-based charity Forces in the Community this September. The Charity does vital work in obtaining housing, financial and mental health support for Veterans and their families. For anybody wishing to donate to the campaign, please use the link below:


Constituency Visits

I was pleased to be involved in National Care Home Open Week which took place from 27th of June to the 3rd of July. It was a pleasure to visit both Silverwood and Bramwell Care Homes for their open days.
Carers across Broxtowe and the country have been crucial in looking after some our most vulnerable people throughout the pandemic and we owe them our gratitude.

I was keen to hear about experiences of staff from the care sector and how the Government are able to offer more support to those working in care homes and help them to continue to provide top quality care for those who need it. We discussed issues surrounding the cost of providing care and funding placements, I will be raising these with the Minister to push for improvements to the system.

Recently, I was delighted to join Beauvale District Scouts at their belated Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Event at Kettlebrook Lodge in Kimberley. I really enjoyed Cubs and Scouts growing for up for the outdoor activities and making friends.  It is worth remembering the Scouts Promise:  I promise to do my best to be kind and helpful and to love our world.

Thank you to the Scout Leaders and volunteers for all their work in organising this wonderful event!

Toton Methodist Church recently held an Upcycling Event! I was delighted to go along for their event and learn more about how best to upcycle! Churches.

Stapleford Towns Deal

It is great to see progress being made with the Stapleford Towns Deal. Having successfully secured £21.1 million worth of investment last year, lots of work has been taking place to make the various projects that have been allocated funding into a reality.

To find out more about the different projects benefitting the town please visit:


Mailing address is:
168 Derby Road,


  1. Seems Darren Henry MP got the same email response I also got.
    I have been speaking with the Post Office and someone who is interested in taking it on. They are about to have a conversation with the person who owns the building to see what can be done.

    Failing this I have asked that the next meeting of Stapleford Town Council the Post Office is on the Agenda, I have suggested that if Stapleford Town Council Wass mindful to take on the Post Office I can invite my contact to come and give a presentation and answer any questions Councillors may have.

    As always I will do my bit to help, but my coat tales are starting to get very heavy.


    1. Great to see Darren and family in the news today; all helps in speeding up raising the profile of Broxtowe.


      1. #speedinggate.
        Expecting our MP to call for the resignation of the PCC in view of her recent conviction. But I won’t hold my breath.


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