Bramcote College New Build

Extract from White Hills Park Trust Newsletter 15 July – Bramcote College

We have been making progress with the Bramcote College new build. As you may be aware, we have been working for some considerable time on funding a new school through the sale of unused land. We have now reached the point where the new school design is complete and we are submitting planning permission. The land has been marketed and we have selected a buyer, a national 5- star house builder, which means that funding is in place, and we have signed an agreement with the County Council for the release of the land. The success of these complex negotiations means that the Trust as a whole continues on a very sound financial footing.

The new school will be capable of accommodating 150 pupils in each year group, which is an increase of 30 from our current admission number, reflecting the current popularity of the school, which is oversubscribed. We will also have a 200 place sixth form. Our architects, ARC Partnership, have designed a state of the art school, with outstanding facilities to deliver the full curriculum, fit for purpose for twenty-first century education.

Among the exciting features are a 4-court Community Sports Hall, a full size 3G pitch, a theatre, an outdoor classroom and superb IT infrastructure. The sixth form will be located on the top floor of the building, with a common room and dedicated study facilities. The building will be carbon zero in operation and we will have electric charging points in the car park. We have also made sure that we have a building that is accessible to our local community.

Once planning permission is granted, we will sign build contracts and put a schedule in place. This means that work is scheduled to commence at the start of next year, and we anticipate approximately an 80 week build programme. Plans have been shared with staff and parents at the Bramcote PTA Summer Fair this evening, but you can see details on Bramcote College’s website.

This is the link: See College Website.


  1. It looks like a portion of the current school remains at the top of the site behind the sports pitch there is no detail on the website other than it being included on the floor plan. It seems to match the current floor plan of the technology and IT rooms. What’s the purpose of retaining this anyone know?


  2. Part of the current school will not be demolished and instead be the base for the Trust Central Team who provide core services such as finance, HR, Estates, IT and data to our schools. The rest of the current building will be demolished and landscaped.


    1. Nice ambition to be a ‘low carbon’ operation – how is this truly measured?

      1. I trust this old bit of school for the Trust will also be operating in a low carbon and/or neutral or negative way or will it be exempt?

      2. Do the calculations on the impact of carbon include or exclude the demolition, disposal of waste from demolition, and ground works with the release of carbon those activities creates, or is it only when the build is completed and the buildings demolished that it will be a ‘low carbon’ operation after carbon intensive build and demolition work? If the latter how long before the ‘debt’ of the work will be neutral with the buildings operation

      3. The same could be said for the sale of the land to fund the build – are there safeguards that the houses will also be to a low or carbon neutral build and run, or is that not a concern of the Trust who are selling the land at the heart of the community to build a ‘low carbon’ school?

      4. If you add in the housing construction to the carbon debt how long before the new school is then truly carbon neutral?

      Being transparent on the true cost in terms of carbon and long term environmental impact on the whole scheme, including the onward impact of selling land for housing development should be a key consideration of the Trust in ensuring the community environment is fit for future generations.

      I’d like to see published a whole site environmental plan for the site and the site sold to show commitments to improve the area, for example, do you provide shade for buildings with trees and sustainable surface water management schemes for the sites etc.


  3. A small point, but the land is not ‘unused’, it is well used and well loved by people (even if they shouldn’t), birds and animals. A bigger point, the increased traffic from all these ‘5 star’ houses (affordable???) is going to be a nightmare along with massively increased air pollution for residents in the surrounding area. I am delighted you are getting your new state of the art school. I just hate the way in which it is being financed at a cost to the environment and the rest of us who live round the area.


    1. Do you really think they care? Money is the object of the game for both the Trust and the developer. The environment doesn’t even come into it if it gets in the way of profit. Oh I’m sure they’ll come out with the usual nonsense developers use when offering a sop to people who may be think that land doesn’t have to be used – it can just ‘be’.


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