‘Levelling Up’ Toton, Chilwell, and More?

Martin Lomas writes: Looking at the plans proposed on http://www.broxtowe.gov.uk/chetwyndneighbourhoodplan Those plans suggest that the entirety of our green fields alongside Toton Lane and the A52 are to be “Developed” with buildings and tarmac…

That wide open green space is to be reduced to (what I personally consider to be) totally ineffectual “green corridors”. Those green alleys merely mark some of the boundaries between the ‘Development’ areas. Those supposed “green corridors” are a sad far cry from what that green area provides at present…

The significance of open green areas goes beyond just business profits and ourselves. For just one small example of why we have impoverished wildlife, here is a very rare sight of a hedgehog seen vulnerably out in an open paved area. Scarily but successfully, it meandered across to the other side of that particular river of asphalt of our (overly) Developed area… Our green fields are a much more lively haven for a lot more than just ourselves.

Here are some contrasting views showing what we enjoy now, compared against some of the present Building Developments around our area.

What views do you want?

Do we want a continuous Metropolis spanning Long Eaton through to Sandiacre and across to Beeston?

This is your area and this is where we live.

Comments are needed?…

Martin Lomas


  1. All this development is taking as you say our natural space and have they considered the soak away elements of this green area disappearing where will all the water go when it’s filled with concrete and asphalt. It’s already near a flood plain near the trent. I think it’s badly thought out and needs more thought about the habitat that already exists.


  2. I know it sounds like NIMBYISM but that precious green belt needs to be protected it is a valuable resource which is heavily used; very popular for dog walkers , walkers runners and cyclists. The wildlife is exceptional each walk brings to view a new bird , reptile. Or mammal! Please don’t allow this travesty!!! David Ducker 20 Rufford Ave Bramcote NG9 3JH


  3. Although the Borough Council advertise the neighbourhood plan it is a document prepared by residents in Toton and Chilwell. It is now being consulted on. It can only go forward if it is in accordance with the councils local plan. This absolutely does not support development along the A52.


    1. David, Is it not the case that council planners advise and guide parishes and neighbourhood forums as they develop their neighbourhood plans, in which case the planners will have provided assistance so that the consultation version of the plan will be in accordance with the council’s local plan? Otherwise there is no point in your planners engaging in the process. So is the outcome a foregone conclusion?
      I am astounded if, as you say, residents of Toton and Chilwell support this latest erosion of our greenbelt. The council has resisted the loss of this strategic greenbelt gap for decades. What has changed?


    2. David, Did the borough council, at its Council meeting on 13 December 2021, vote cross-party to support the construction of the new road(s) from the A52 into this once-sacrosanct greenbelt area?
      As sure as night follows day experience shows that when a road is built buildings will follow.


  4. This is what is truly meant by levelling. Totally flatten out and destroy field, trees and wildlife habitat for an unwanted , needless Council vanity project. They just want their hands on the money. They don’t care about the environment whatsoever. Their arguments about creating jobs and improving infrastructure are very thin and meaningless.


  5. Levelling up our area with London and the South East shouldn’t have to mean our green belt has to be turned into a version of inner city London – a prime candidate for ‘congestion charging’!

    I prefer to be levelled up with the Home Counties – Bramcote Hills with the Surrey Hills perhaps?


  6. The PANIC has started ! ! Are bulldozers standing by NOW to clear the way for homes to be built for the homeless ? Will dog-keepers have to find new patches of nature for their charges to foul ? Where will fly -tippers find another handy spot ?


    1. The PANIC starts now to find out what happens next…

      What has been done against that area? What is going to be done?

      As residents that live alongside that area and live in that area, what can we do to reshape our council and their plans into something that is actually good for everyone?

      How long do we have as residents to take action before those fields are, in effect, lost forever?

      After all, it is we that live here.


  7. In the news today (12/07/2022):

    Nature’s true value overlooked in decision making – IPBES

    … Halting the loss of nature requires a shift away from prioritising short-term material gains, the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform … (IPBES) says in a landmark report.

    The study offers insights into the many different values of nature and how to incorporate these into decision-making.

    A summary was approved on Saturday by 139 countries in Bonn, Germany…

    … “This entails redefining ‘development’ and ‘good quality of life’ and recognising the multiple ways people relate to each other and to the natural world.”…

    Are us mere local people that live here usefully represented in the next council meeting on the 19th July?

    After all, we do live here…


  8. davidwatts12
    5 Jul 2022 at 11:05 pm

    … councils local plan. This absolutely does not support development along the A52.

    How does that statement reconcile with such as?:

    Bramcote Today: Bid for £40m ‘Levelling Up’ Link Road Confirmed

    … ‘transformative’ road, which would unlock jobs, housing and business growth…

    … Plans for the link road were rubber-stamped by county councillors last year…

    … an attractive asset for the development of homes and commercial space…

    Do we have a meaningful vote to manage new development that is useful as opposed to such grandiose destruction of our only greenbelt area?

    Also, I strongly feel that we should be developing to include the people that live here, rather than blindly importing “84000” workers from elsewhere…

    As mere locals that live here, where do we get to usefully have our voice heard?

    After all, we do live here…


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