“Bramcote Park” School looking sad

Photo credit – Sue Sambells 30.5.22

We passed by the old school earlier and I thought readers would be interested to see progress with the demolition.

Both of our children were pupils at Bramcote Park school – over a decade ago now. I’m sure many of our readers will have a range of memories within these grounds.

It will be interesting to see what becomes of the land in the future.



    1. Hi Sue. Paul Nathanail advised (on Facebook) “Good to see the site being made safe after last year’s fire. The land is allocated for education or leisure use thanks to the strong views expressed through the neighbourhood forum during the finalisation of the council local plan – and that seems to be what the future use of the land is going to be.”


  1. No one knows as nothing has been submitted for planning approval as yet.

    Makes me wonder how long we have to wait for a new School.

    Promises have been made for years. 7 years ago was told a new school would be soon built before my daughter attened. She has done 5 years and been left a further year and still nothing.

    Just had a walk up myself and sad to see it being demolished.


  2. The only planning application that should be forthcoming is for a new school.

    Let’s hope the County Council/White Hills Park Trust had a ‘new for old’ insurance policy. In that way they won’t even have pay for the re-build.


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