1. The funding secured from the CIF referred to is for:
    138832 Alderman White School Urgent Flat Roof Replacement
    138832 Alderman White School Urgent Fire Improvement Works
    138837 Bramcote College Urgent Electrical Safety Works


  2. Sadly the application for funds was not made to the School Re-building Programme. The decision was made some time ago that Bramcote College could only be re-built by selling off playing fields and a local wildlife site! The question is why?
    The Chilwell School has recently applied to the School Re-building Programme, with the backing of our local MP and County/Borough Councillors. The Ashfield School, Toothill School and Kirkby College, will all be re-built by the School Re-building Programme . All these schools are newer and in better condition than either Bramcote College (or Bramcote Park), so why the different approach here?
    The reputation of Bramcote and the secondary education of hundreds of young people have been blighted for getting on for 15 years now. It’s certainly going to made an interesting case study for someone. It really deserves an inquiry!


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