Social Housing

Press Release from Darren Henry’s Office:

Since joining the Select Committee on Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, Darren Henry MP has been keen to advocate the need for further improvements to the social housing sector.

During a discussion with the Minister on 16th  May, Darren raised the need for greater consultation and discussion with social housing tenants. The level of consultation with tenants is a frequent issue raised against certain housing providers. In allowing tenants and resident’s groups to be more involved in decision-making this would help to address the stigma that surrounds social housing and offer residents a better standard of living by ensuring their homes are of good quality and they feel that their concerns can be addressed.

Further to this, Darren welcomed investment into social housing that specifically supports the veteran community. Recently in Stapleford, Broxtowe Borough Council have constructed properties that have been made available to former members of the Armed Forces and their families. The Government ensures that homeless veterans have high priority when social housing is allocated and it has committed to ensuring that veterans are supported as part of the £11.5 billion Affordable Homes Programme which is facilitating new social housing across the country.

Darren Henry MP commented “It was great to see Broxtowe Borough Council taking a lead locally in providing social housing specifically for veterans. Whilst the Government is doing great work to increase home ownership across the country, we cannot forget the importance of social housing, particularly its role in supporting some of the most vulnerable groups in society.

I am pushing the Government to ensure that we build new social housing to a high standard and allow a greater say for tenants in the sector. We need to remove the stigma associated with social housing and ensure that housing providers are acting in the best interests of the people who are renting their properties.”

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  1. But then the tenants have a right to buy at a discount, then become private landlords and rent the accommodation out to students and others. Lose-lose. So the need for so-called social housing is never addressed, meanwhile the need is being exacerbated by the Conservatives’ complete failure to control immigration.


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