Darren Henry MP Welcomes Additional Funding for School Buildings in Broxtowe

Press Release:

Darren Henry, Member of Parliament for Broxtowe has welcomed the Government’s announcement that 3 schools in the constituency are set to benefit from the £498 million Conditional Improvement Fund.

This funding is available annually to support academies, sixth form colleges and voluntary aided schools to address issues relating to school buildings and provides the necessary capital funding to ensure that our young people are able to learn in a safe and secure educational environment.

Here in Broxtowe Alderman White School, Bramcote College and John Clifford Primary School have been successful in obtaining funds as part of this year’s programme. The allocation will help to support a range of projects including replacement roofs and improvements to fire safety and electrical systems ensuring that the schools are to the highest possible standard.

Darren Henry commented “I am delighted to see that 3 schools in Broxtowe have been successful in their bids for this year’s Conditional Improvement Fund. Keeping our school buildings in good working order is essential to helping our children and young people to achieve their full potential.

I regularly engage with schools across the constituency, many of which are situated in older buildings. I know that this announcement will be most welcome and will be key to helping our local schools to continue delivering the best possible standard of education for future generations.”


  1. While I am pleased for the 3 schools that have received funding, I am dismayed that this is seen as a matter of celebration.
    The cancellation of the Schools for the Future programme shortly followed by the decision of the White Hills Park schools to form an academy and leave local authority auspices left Bramcote with school infrastructure unfit for our children and without the funding to rebuild. The then secretary of state for education admitted in late 2016 that his 2010 ditching of Building Schools for the Future was one of his worst mistakes and that his handling of the issue had been one of his worst mistakes in politics.
    The consequences are loss of green belt, loss of the last remnant of Bramcote Moor and a decade of education in sub standard buildings made up for by the strong leadership in place at White Hills Park Federation over this time.
    Many stalwarts of Bramcote – some sadly no longer with us – committed time and energy to right this wrong.
    As we move ever closer to hundreds of new houses on what was green belt, country side and playing fields, every brick, every tile and every dug up sod of Bramcote Moor will be a memorial to one of the worst, but uncorrected, mistakes of someone’s political career.


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