Bramcote Park Comprehensive

Councillor Richard MacRaE writes:

To me it will always be known as Bramcote Park Comprehensive School, where I attended from 1983 until 1988. Others who attended at other times will maybe know it by different names.

It is sad to see the poor state it has been left in, sad it burnt down and so sad to see several videos on social media of the amount of items left inside. 

It’s like someone left locked the door and the place forgotten about. So many items could have been salvaged, donated to and used by others. 

I support an organisation which could have sent the items to Schools in Africa. I also know many others as well who could have benefited from the items.

Not sure if I am sad or more angry that having seen old photos dating back to the 1950 just left in the place. I have asked on several occasions if the photos can be retrieved as they are part of our local history. I wanted to put a display on with the photos as many people would love to see them. I have once again emailed the Head asking if that have been saved, if not why not, especially when I made them aware they was in the building having seen pics and videos online. 

What memories do you have? 

Councillor Richard MacRae. Stapleford North Ward Stapleford Town Council Broxtowe Borough Council. 0774 034 4427. @CllrRichMacRae

Cllr MacRae said:

So many items just broken up and pilled up, most if not all could have been donated to others who would have made such great use of a kind donation. So sad to see that is happening at my former School. What a complete waste.


  1. It had 3 names when I was there between 09&14,
    Bramcote comprehensive and enterprise school, WHP white hills and park federation, and The Bramcote School. Lots of Memories Sad to see it end like this

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  2. Please have a word with your kids and also ask them to tell their friends not to climb on the old school. It is not safe and the last thing anyone wants is anyone getting hurt. The building is unsafe and a dangerous place to be. footage taken this evening.

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  3. I also have great memories from attending Bramcote Park, the old brown and gold aka horrid uniform. I left in 1984. It’s an insult to us all to needlessly leave memories that could be saved.

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  4. The council should take some responsibility for allowing it to be abandoned and left in a dangerous state for so long. It inevitable that kids are going to get it there and explore it. It’s already been set one fire.
    I’d be interested to know why it was abandoned in the first place without any plan to demolish and replace it.

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  5. I have fond memories of this school as Bramcote boys school for secondary education, 3 generation’s of my family attended there; myself; my dad; and my grandad.
    I too would like to see the photos, maybe they should be given to Stapleford Library so we can all enjoy looking through them.

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    1. Breaking my heart and so sad see what I’ve seen on social media to a school I attended to for 5 years I just can’t believe one has been left inside and why I said school going to be knocked down when I’m sure that could has been redone up up


  6. Had a reply.

    Hi Richard, we have asked for the photos to be kept, depending on whether there is asbestos dust, which will be the main issue for us, and we’ve been told that they will be

    Regarding the flooring, we have asked but are unlikely to get them, I’m afraid. Anything that can be salvaged and has a value has been accounted for in the price of demolition to be met by insurance. In other words, once the insurance company take it on, the site and everything in it technically belongs to them. There was also a potential issue of asbestos glue, which might mean that they have to be thrown away. I will ask again just in case,



  7. I was the last chair of governors of Bramcote Park School and had to oversee the County Council plan to merge it with the Hills and Alderman White schools. I was sad about that in one way, but not as sad as I was when it was privatised and now I am always depressed when I walk past the derelict shell of the place. All my kids attended the school and I admired the dedication and hard work of the staff who got all my children to sixth form and eventually university. It was a generally happy place and I was glad they went there.

    I hope that the current and proposed schools will be successful, though I think it indicates a rather tacky little country that in order to pay for the rebuild the council had to give them land to be built on so the profit of the development would offset the cost of the new school. Why can’t Britain build schools when needed – they managed it over the last century but now they pretend that there is “no magic money tree” when in fact they are using false – simplistic – and, to them, convenient, economic dogma.


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