Catstone Green Garden Community – 2,000 Houses in the Green Belt Near Bramcote

Sent in to Bramcote Today:

As far as I can see, the majority if not all if this proposed development is in Broxtowe. It will destroy a significant part of the Green Belt and has the effect of moving the so called defensible boundary to the M1. It will add significant pressure to already overloaded infrastructure.


  1. May I make it clear that this application is not being made by the council. If it is submitted we will examine it and see how well it matches up to local and national policies, including the need to protect the green belt.


  2. This is a dreadful proposal! Only a week ago my partner and I enjoyed a walk across Trowell Moor to Strelley and back calling at the Strelley Hall Cafe and we commented that greed was on the horizon and that the Green Belt of greater Nottingham was under vicious and sustained attack. If this is permitted and added to the destruction around Stapleford Hill and Coventry Lane, Bramcote will become a suburb surrounded by more suburbs and the countryside between Nottingham and Ilkeston will vanish. This space is all that is left of the so called Green Belt around the west of Nottingham.
    The fatuous pap that the developer spouts is nothing to do with either unaffordable homes or some shortage of public housing. The cause of the housing crisis is the monetarisation of housing as an investment and not a place to live. It is manufactured by decades of Government policy and engineered by manipulating finance to cook up the price of housing to give an illusion of prosperity to property owners, and the enrichment of large building businesses.


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