Update on School Replacement

Councillor Steve Carr writes:

I had a meeting on Thursday with council officers about the replacement of the school on Moor Lane. It seems, at long last, that we are nearing a conclusion.

What has changed?

  1. The County Council have recognised that there is an increased demand for secondary school places in the area and therefore the school will be slightly bigger than intended.
  2. The Government are now insisting that new school builds will need to be carbon-neutral and plans have been changed accordingly.
  3. Since 2020, the value of development land has increased in this area and there is to be a clause that states that any funds over and above the Trust’s expenditure will revert to the County Council.

I support these moves but acknowledge that this is a good time to push for the following;

  1. Traffic management on Moor Lane and surrounding roads.
  2. Repair of local roads given that we are to see potentially more traffic. The Conservatives at County Hall have recently declined my request to resurface Arundel Drive.
  3. Talk to the County Council about contributing excess receipts to the new Leisure Centre, the costs of which have spiralled.

I have already started discussions on item 2 above and will start of the other two shortly.

Look forward to any comments.


See Nottinghamshire County Council Report for a Committee Meeting on 19 April 2022


  1. Good progress and do you have any idea when pupils will begin using the new school? And when our new Leisure Centre will also open?


  2. Steve/David
    Any further information would be appreciated..even if it is “sorry I cannot give dates just yet”


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