Bramcote Community Action Team Minutes 7th March 2022

NameOrganisationInitialsContact details
Cllr David WattsBroxtowe  
 Cllr Ian TylerBroxtowe
Cllr Steve CarrNottinghamshire County
Cllr Hannah LandBroxtowe

15 users logged on the zoom.

1.         Welcome and Introductions

Cllr Watts welcomed everybody to the meeting and introduced the panel. He apologised & took responsibility for the delays with the previous minutes.  It is hoped that the next meeting will be in person.

2.         Apologies

            County Cllr John “Maggie” Mcgrath, Sue Sambells, Gill Watts

3.     Minutes and Updates on actions from last meeting

The minutes were approved.  There was no update on actions from the last meeting.

4.     Matters Arising – Boundary Commission Parliamentary Constituency Review

Cllr Hannah Land informed the meeting of the Boundary Commission review which is looking at parliamentary constituency boundaries.  This is done every 10 years to accommodate changes in population levels and ensure constituencies are within a certain range.  Phase one of the review happened last Autumn where groups and individuals could submit their opinions & proposals for the constituencies they represent.  Phase two is now occurring with hearings happening across the country – Nottingham hearings taking place on the 7th & 8th March.  Hannah attended 7th March to speak.  Groups and individuals can view the phase one comments and make responses online using this link.  We would encourage all residents to participate using the link below.

The borough of Broxtowe is too big to form a parliamentary constituency in the same region, therefore it has to be split.  Boundary Commission are proposing to remove Kimberley and Nuthall from Broxtowe and add Eastwood & Brinsley (currently in the Ashfield constituency). As Liberal Democrats we feel there’s no better option than what the BCE are proposing. The Conservatives have submitted a counter proposal which splits Beeston between Nottingham South and Broxtowe, which Liberal Democrat’s oppose strongly.  Cllr Steve Carr points out that his county council areas would be covered by 3 MP’s and lead to all kinds of confusion for everyone. 

Councillors encouraged everyone to have their say using the website.  The deadline is the 4th April 2022.

5.     Police and Crime Update

No update. 

Use this link to see the break down.

You can read the Inspector’s recent update on the Notts Police website. 

6.     Bramcote School Development

No update other than awaiting sale of land before building work can commence with the school.  Please see Bramcote Today for the regular newsletters.

7.     Road / Pedestrian Safety Issues

Increasing issues with potholes in Bramcote, Cllr Steve Carr is reporting them in his area.  Many roads need resurfacing but long backlog.  Noted that some roads have surfaces more than 30 years old.  Council using filling machine as temporary fix.

8.     Planning Issues
  • 72 Derby Road – Planning application number 21/00383  – Has been withdrawn.  Concerns about development of the site and number of vehicles exiting onto busy road / junction. 
  • Coventry Lane / sidings road – comes to planning committee this week.  Concerns about application and intention for development on greenbelt. Different typography of land which requires different flood mitigation to field farm.
  • Farm & house on Coventry Lane –application for new property on farm house site is likely to be approved.
  • Fishpond Cottage – very disappointing to have the housing committee approve the original plans, including 2 conservative councillors reneging on commitment to lend their vote to our preferred option of adapted bungalows.  Work is starting to clear the site & will demolish the outhouse which is beyond repair.  5 dwellings will be built.  Cottage will not be demolished.  Aiming for council to refurbish it.
  • Bramcote Golf course – appeal was overruled by inspector. Outline permission to develop site remains. Mark Jermey (“Mark’s Laptop”) asked to speak. Golf Course- Architect discussions with planning about a single storey development on the northern boundary of the site which will likely get approved.
  • Unity Park, land has been on the market for many years, no buyer.  Discussions with planning officers regarding suitable development for the site.  Application will be sent to chair of planning for comment. Desire to keep the land for public use. 
  • Japanese Knotweed is spreading rapidly especially where the soil is shallow. Site is being monitored.  There has been breeches at 72 & 74 Sandy Lane (prior to land being purchased) this is being managed with the residents affected.  Local Nature Reserves owned by Broxtowe have not been breeched. Entering growing season.  Andrew (“AJR”) talked at length representing the land owners.  Chemicals can control the spread but will not kill it.  Landowners’ preference is to kill the knot weed by lifting and sieving the ground.  Discussions and advice sought from various local and national organisations and experts as to what to do with it.  Has been volunteering with the ”unity park” group and understands how much work is involved to maintain the land.  Wants it to benefit the community.                     
9.     Neighbourhood Plan / Forum

Nothing to report.  Noted that Toton & Chetwynd had renewed their neighbourhood forum.

10.     Flooding

No update from Severn Trent

11.     Bramcote Park Café

The project has stalled. 1 volunteer since last meeting,  Possibility of café at new leisure centre but that is away from the park.   

12. Any other business

Best wishes to Milan Radlulovic (Broxtowe Council Leader) who is recovering from surgery.

Hemlock Happening – 4th June 1pm – 10pm

Brown Bin collections – repeated issues with collections getting missed. David Watts is liaising with the council.  Needs to be better.

Dates of future meetings

6th June, hopefully in person.

Meeting finished at 08:45pm

If you have any issues regarding the minutes or if you require them in large print or in audio format please contact 0115 917 3492 Broxtowe Borough Council,

These minutes can be downloaded at

For previous minutes visit our Community Action Team page.



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