Pyrrhic Planning Victory

The Nottingham Post reports:

Neighbours ‘relieved’ after homes plan for farmland rejected.

The Post correctly refers to proposals to build 60 houses on Hulks Farm, off Coventry Lane. However the photograph in the article shows the Coventry Lane playing fields and not Hulks Farm. The Post also fails to explain the reason the application was turned down – The proposed drainage ponds were outside the area allocated for housing schemes in the Council’s Local Plan. One therefore suspects the developers will redraw their plans and get approval.

60 houses on Hulks Farm is a tiddler. Wait for the planning application for 500 houses on the Coventry Lane Playing Fields!

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  1. Well that is a bit of good news, although it does sound like it is only delaying the inevitable. Alternative plans will no doubt be submitted and David Watts and his cohorts will change their minds, they always do. I realise there is a need for housing, but why use all the green space we have and need. It is just turning this borough into one big faceless housing estate. So far in this area alone, we are seeing developments on Field Farm, Fishpond Cottage, Coventry Lane Playing Fields – and yet the Park School, a Brownfield Site, remains empty, unused and vandalised.
    Why not develop that, if not into affordable housing. You could build the community cafe there and move Broxtowe Borough Council and Stapleford Town Council Offices on to the site, then convert their existing offices to affordable housing. Alternatively develop the site into a new Bramcote Leisure Centre, demolish the existing one and develop that into affordable housing.
    Let’s see some of the money the Council gets from all this GreenBelt development that is supposed to support the existing community. There is no infrastructure plan to support all the people , traffic and pollution this abolition of Green Land will produce. This council will not be happy until all the land between Bramcote and Junction 26, Trowell Moor and the A52 corridor to Derby is all developed. With all these additional homes there will a need for additional Police, Emergency Services, Medical Services, Schools, Bus and tram services, not to mention the pollution that comes with it. What are the council gonna do about that… plant another dozen trees in Bramcote Park no doubt.


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