Darren Henry’s Serving Broxtowe Update on 4th March 2022

Statement on Ukraine

The reports and scenes in and around Ukraine over the last week are incredibly distressing. I support the current sanctions the Government has made against Russia, and I will strongly support any further action the Government deem necessary. It is vital that we respond with the upmost strength to what is an unprovoked attack by Russia.

I believe that it is everyone’s duty to uphold democracy, as a country we have a long history of standing up in the face of foreign aggressors. It is something we as a country should be incredibly proud of and we will not deter from this today or any other day.

The people of Ukraine have the right to go about their lives without fear, the United Kingdom will work with its allies to ensure that Ukraine can revert to a state of peace.

Updated guidance can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/…/support-for-family-members-of….

It was a privilege to join colleagues in Parliament earlier this week for the signing of the book of solidarity for Ukraine and participate in a standing ovation for the Ambassador of Ukraine who was in the Gallery of the Chamber.

I was pleased to see the Home Secretary’s recent announcement providing further support for Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion.

People who are eligible under this route are being encouraged to contact the helpline on 0300 3032785 and attend a Visa Application Centre in a neighbouring country to enrol biometrics once they have submitted an application.

In Parliament

It has been a busy couple of weeks in Parliament after returning from recess. On Monday 21st February, I participated in a debate on Social Care in Nottinghamshire. In which I stressed the need for an integrated approach that is community lead. It is essential that we listen to local voices when determining future Health and Social Care needs.

On Tuesday 22nd February I was pleased to ask the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy what steps the Department was taking to help low-income households in Broxtowe deal with the energy crisis. I was encouraged by his response highlighting the significant level of investment that the Government has put into tackling this issue.

On Wednesday 23rd February, I attended the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Linked to my role as the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy, this meeting showed the clear opportunities for the UK to expand our trade and investment, and this is something I am keen to promote amongst businesses in Broxtowe.

Last Friday I spoke in the House of Commons on two occasions to support two different but equally important Private Members Bills. I spoke during readings of the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Minimum Age) Bill and the Pension Schemes (Conversion of Guaranteed Minimum Pensions) Bill. Both these ground-breaking bills offer solutions to important issues in our society that often see women placed at a particular disadvantage.

The Marriage and Civil Partnership (Minimum Age) Bill seeks to raise the age at which a person can marry from 16 to 18. This Bill will be crucial in tackling issues such as forced marriage and child brides which has a severe impact on the lives and opportunities of those affected.

Additionally, speaking in the debate regarding Pension Schemes (Conversion of Guaranteed Minimum Pensions) Bill, I stressed the importance of equality between men and women in pensions ensuring that women are not adversely disadvantaged by the law on account of having a shorter working life.

I was pleased to speak in support of the provisions of the two bills discussed. Ensuring we address inequalities faced by women and girls is a key priority for the Government and something that MPs are rightly taking seriously. By addressing issues around the exploitation of marriage and pension inequalities, both of which can have wide ranging and damaging impacts to the quality of life for women and girls, these bills offer practical solutions to these major problems in our society, and I am pleased to see the UK leading the way by setting a real global example.

I was also pleased to attend events celebrating World Book Day which saw the marking of its 25th anniversary yesterday as well as an event in support of the British Heart Foundation’s 60th birthday campaign to make science fiction a reality and ensure that research is put into lifesaving treatments tackling heart conditions which cause tragedy for so many individuals and families.

This Wednesday, Government announced that £200 million is to be invested enabling vital research and access to NHS data through Trusted Research Environments and digital clinical trial services. By improving the ability and speed required to set up and run clinical trials, the funding announced will help to ensure that we can continue to be at the forefront of this lifesaving research.

Constituency Visits

As always it is great to get out and about across Broxtowe visiting different organisations. During half term I was delighted be back visiting Canalside Heritage Centre in Beeston. I was pleased to offer my support for their National Lottery Heritage Bid and it was great to hear their plans to expand the exhibitions and facilities they have to offer.

I had a lovely evening at On Your Feet, Broxtowe’s Charity Drag Night! The night was expertly hosted by Broxtowe Mayor Cllr Richard Macrae and raised money for Broxtowe Youth Homelessness, an excellent local charity. Condragulations to everyone who organised and attended the event!

It was great to visit a wet and windy Bennerley Viaduct to celebrate World Monument Watch Day on Sunday 20th February. The Friends of Bennerley Viaduct have done some great work in getting the structure reopened for cycling and walking after 53 years.

Anybody wishing to get involved can contact Friends of Bennerley Viaduct using this link.

EMR: Nottingham to Matlock Update

Following my previous update where I had written to the Secretary of State Grant Shapps regarding the Nottingham to Matlock Rail Service. The Department for Transport have confirmed that the present issue preventing the reinstation of the service is the lack of available rolling stock.

I have continued to support my constituents on this issue and met once again with EMR last week. I am working to arrange a virtual public meeting which EMR have agreed to attend, and I am hopeful that this will demonstrate the strength of local feeling as we continue to campaign to get this much valued service back into operation.

Anybody wishing to attend this meeting please do get in touch with my office and I will ensure you receive an invitation once the date has been finalised.

I have recommenced in person constituency surgeries across Broxtowe to be held on the first Saturday morning of every month. This week I will be in Kimberley. I will be on hand to listen to any issues or questions you may have. Anybody who would like to book an appointment please do get in touch with my office via phone or email.

Next month’s surgery will be held in Stapleford.

Mailing address:
168 Derby Road,


  1. It’s “utmost” not “upmost”.
    It’s “community led” not “community lead”.
    It’s “congratulations” not “condragulations”.
    As an MP with reportedly a high level of claimed expenses compared to some others, you’d think either he or his staff would have been sufficiently competent to proofread the bulletin before publication.


  2. condragulations

    That is done on purpose, Condragulations Extravaganza is the name of those who helped us raise over £3,000 at a recent charity night.


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