CAT Meeting 7th March 2022 7.00pm By Zoom

Agenda For CAT Meeting 7th March 2022

Hosted by Councillor Steve Carr by Zoom. Click on

Add the meeting ID: 4264224178

No passcode, the host will let you in. 

Please ring Councillor Hannah Land 07740198612 if you’re having access issues.

  1. Introductions and apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of last meeting
  3. Matters arising (not covered elsewhere in agenda)
  4. Policing and Crime figures
  5. Bramcote School Development
  6. Road/Pedestrian Safety
  7. Other Highways Issues
  8. Planning Issues
  9. Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum
  10. Bramcote Park Café
  11. Any other business

1 Comment

  1. Apologies from me – I’m unable to attend.
    I wondered if anyone wants to discuss/take action on the Boundary Commission proposals regarding changing the parliamentary boundaries for Broxtowe? Specially in the light of the MP’s support for splitting chunks of Beeston up and sending them into the City.


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