1. Yet again Broxtowe Borough Council blunder on, destroying a very picturesque and historical cottage and replacing it with faceless monstrosities they call new affordable homes. They keep spouting on about how they need to build these type of homes and yet keep on repeatedly giving permission for hundreds of 3 and 4 bedroom homes on every available piece of Greenbelt there is. Personally I thought the community cafe idea on the site a good one. Possibly parking would be a problem. Why can’t the cottage remain and be modernised into a new home with a couple of bungalows built on the adjacent land. Common sense never prevails where Broxtowe Council are concerned.


    1. All things are (or would have been) possible but the council “needs” the capital receipt in order to keep our council tax rises down.


    1. Council Offices in Beeston to be demolished to make way for a multistorey car park?
      See Planning reference 22/99993/FUL on the council website.
      All the council staff will be Working From Home all the time then.


  2. The details of the planning application under this reference number have now changed:

    “Site Address:Land Behind Council Offices 999 Foster Avenue Beeston Nottinghamshire
    Proposal:Develop Council Offices into zoo.”

    Which councillors or officers have sanctioned these planning applications?
    Or has the council’s planning system been hacked?
    Having said that, a zoo in Beeston might be an additional tourist attraction and would make a change from the nflux of cafes and barbershops.


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