1. Well we’ve been talking about these problems for a long long time but it feels like no-one really understands the impact on our neighbourhood. I’m not being ‘NIMBY’, it’s just that we haven’t got the infrastructure to cope and apart from a flyover or tunnel at Bramcote roundabout, I just see the traffic problems becoming worse.


      1. I don’t think we’re talking about social housing here, Steve – if the ‘Building schools for the future’ programme had not been abandoned by central government, we’d have already had a brand new school with no need to sell off the land to fund it. I would support the provision of social housing on brownfield sites – wouldn’t you?


  2. It’s just another example of the complete absence of joined up thinking, or indeed of any kind of thinking at all. It’s a sad indictment of our elected representatives when any member of Joe Public can outperform them in their predictions.


  3. I totally agree with both the comments above (agdodds & Val Leyland). Broxtowe Borough Council just don’t give a damn about the GreenBelt or the envoironment or traffic and the local residents. They pretend to when they want to get elected, then just build on it when elected – it happens every time. They just want the money the new housing provides. The 106 agreements are supposed to help the community but we never see it. Where is the money from the Westermans build on Field Farm? All we have had so far is more traffic, flooding and noise from a ‘Legoland’ they couldn’t even afford to finish. Now Peveril has taken it on and want to build a play park opposite a perfectly good and established play-park, shops and take-aways creating more competition for existing businesses who are struggling. All this amongst even more housing meaning more cars and more inconvenience.
    Added to this we have the abomination of the ugly and badly planned buildings round Fishpond Cottage.
    We already live in the most congested borough in Nottinghamshire. Our GreenBelt is disappearing so fast you can’t keep up with it and for what? Just so the Councillors can say they stuck to the ill conceived Local Plan, which is already out of date. There you go. Rant Over. I for one will give up voting locally because all councillors seem to campaign on one thing, get in and do completely the opposite.


    1. Some very broad brush accusations and inaccuracies there and councillors are used to that.
      However, I will defend the three LibDem councillors for Bramcote who fought the Fishpond Cottage proposals tooth and nail. They were only defeated by an unholy alliance of Tory and Labour councillors who forced it through.

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    2. a play park opposite a perfectly good and established play-park, shops and take-aways creating more competition for existing businesses who are struggling.

      Exactly some of the reasons I spoke about when it went to Council Planning Committee. I also never supported the plans for around the Crematorium in Stapleford neither, I voted against the Local Plan Part 2. I have never campaigned on one thing and done the opposite.

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QrmV2Yjdz8 is a link to the planning committee when I spoke as mentioned above.


  4. Don’t forget there will be 550 or so homes built on the playing field to the east side of Coventry Lane, so the sale of the land will fund the replacement Bramcote College. All these developments should be taken together to evaluate the overall impact on the local area.


  5. It seems rather bizarre that Cremation Act 1902 prevents the building of a crematorium near a dwelling (less than 200 yards) or a road (less than 50 yards) but doesn’t prevent the building of a dwelling or road near a crematorium.

    This situation rather undermines the purpose of the legislation which is to ensure that neighbouring dwellings are protected from the crematorium’s operation and the crematorium can protect the sanctity of funerals and memorial grounds from disturbance.

    The Planning Committee must ensure that one is not sacrificed for the other. when this development next comes before them.


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