Broxtowe Borough Council Garden waste subscription 2022/23

Garden Waste Subscription 2022/23

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21st February 2022

Garden waste subscription 2022/23 

4th April 2022 to 2nd April 2023

garden waste

It’s that time of year, when residents in Broxtowe can renew their garden waste subscription for the year ahead.

For our current subscribers we are sure you have seen the value of this service and you are looking forward to the new season ahead.

The quickest and easiest way to subscribe is online.

Subscribe here

Please subscribe before 18th March 2022 to ensure you receive your bin/s and/or sticker/s by the start date of 4th April 2022.

Subscriptions made after 18th March 2022 can take up to 10 working days to be processed and therefore collections from 4th April 2022 cannot be guaranteed.

Benefits of the service

  • Reduced trips to the local household waste and recycling centre (using less fuel) and no need for garden waste to be in your vehicle.
  • Convenient all year round garden waste removal, from your home.
  • Collection of leaves, grass cuttings, weeds, twigs, cut flowers or house plants and hedge trimmings – so you can keep your whole garden looking good all year round.
  • Peace of mind knowing your garden waste will be turned into compost and used again.

Garden waste items

leaves full in garden waste bin

We collect the following through our garden waste service:

Leaves, grass cuttings, weeds, flowers. Garden or house plants, prunings, twigs, hedge trimmings and cut flowers.

Please do not put any food waste into the garden waste bin.

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Green Rewards – Be rewarded for carbon saving actions

green rewards

Green Rewards is a platform developed for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire residents to encourage them to take actions which reduce carbon emissions.

It can be accessed via a web browser (desktop and mobile) or via a free app for iOS or Android (search for ‘Notts Green Rewards). Residents record their actions to earn ‘Green Points’ and are rewarded with a range of prizes. The app has been developed in partnership with all Seven Nottinghamshire Councils, Nottingham City and is supported by Nottinghamshire County Council.

Through participating in Green Rewards and carrying out 5,000 green actions Broxtowe residents using the platform have saved:

  • 17 tonnes of carbon
  • 77,000 litres of water
  • 5 tonnes of residual waste
  • 1603 single use items

Small actions add up to make a big difference and you can help be part of a net zero future!

Sign up

Join our community clean team

1 Comment

  1. I tried several times during the last two days to pay my garden waste bin fee using my credit card but was told every time that my card payment had been declined. No reason given, no feedback!?!
    So, today I decided to telephone, and choose the online payment option, again using the same credit card. Surprise, surprise! The payment went straight through and I was given a payment reference.
    What’s going on? Why the multiple rejections online, yet straightforward, immediate acceptance via the telephone automatic payment service.?
    We are being pressured from all quarters to use online services, but it is no good if they don’t function properly. I have used the same credit card elsewhere today without any problems.


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