Flooding on Ilkeston Road

Councillor Richard MacRae writes: Unfortunately the areas on Ilkeston Road near Hickings Lane and down this end near Field Farm are again flooded.

A pothole near Hickings Lane that was recently bodged up has already broken away so needs doing yet again.

It is an absolute disgrace.


  1. Had this from Nottinghamshire County Council.

    Hi, this is still an open case on our system and has been scheduled for repair. We cannot provide an exact timeframe for when the problem will be fixed as the worklist is continuously reordered based on risk and priority.


    1. Just had the following reply. Hopefully, it is now sorted.

      We are pleased to let you know that the problem has now been resolved.


  2. Just to let people know likeston road Coventry lane roundabout needs some traffic management because of how busy the road is as soon as this is given work will start thanks Maggie


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