At yesterday’s Economic Development and Asset Management Committee – the Tories tried to justify spending £437,000 on new broadcasting equipment.  Conservative Keith Girling, claimed NCC’s live streams were “extremely popular.” At the time, 5 people were watching ‘live’ on YouTube.

We’re certain that residents would prefer Notts County Council to spend this money on the broken roads and pavements that they are responsible for.

Councillor Steve Carr said: “At a time when the cost of living is spiralling upwards, spending almost £500,000 on audio visual equipment shows just how much the Tories are out of touch. Many people I represent are having to choose between food and heating. This decision is just obscene.”

Editor’s comment: Perhaps our readers could comment on our website or use the poll below- would you value £427k being spent on new broadcasting equipment or mending potholes?



  1. Whether or not NCC justified it, what was the actual decision?
    And what’s wrong with the existing kit such that it needs half a million of our council tax spent on it?


  2. These Councillors were elected to best represent us , so the choice is obvious – or do they have relevant ” interests ” to declare ?


  3. Do we have a usefully detailed breakdown of how that total of £437,000 has been spent?

    Were there multiple quotes considered? With what range of solutions?

    Very curious…



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