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£1 to be donated to charity for every Notts Recycles pledge made this January

Building on the success of last year’s pledge campaign we are again asking residents to start off the new year with a recycling pledge and help to raise money for local charity When You Wish Upon a Star.

Maybe you could pledge to:

  • Check the recycling information online and put the right things in the right bin
  • Buy fruit and vegetables with less or no packaging
  • Ensure any wrapping paper bought this year can be recycled
  • Make more use of leftover food
  • Learn how to compost at home
  • Get a separate recycling bin in the bathroom for all those plastic bottles and cardboard tubes
  • Tell 5 people that aerosol cans can go into the recycling bin at home

For each pledge made by local residents Veolia (Nottinghamshire County Council’s waste contractors) will donate £1 to the Nottinghamshire County Council Chairman’s charity When You Wish Upon a Star to help grant wishes to children living with life threatening illnesses.

And as a thank you everyone making a pledge will have the chance to enter a prize draw to win an eco-friendly hamper full of goodies.

Make your Notts Recycles Pledge

Recycle right

Recycle right

January is always a really busy time at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Mansfield with all the extra Christmas recycling. The MRF is where your mixed household recycling is taken to be sorted.

A lot of the recycling is handled by high tech machinery but there is also a hardworking team who sort it by hand to ensure that only things that can be recycled are sent on for reprocessing. They are playing their part in helping our environment and you can too by making sure you only put the correct items in your recycling bin.

Are you bin smart?

Stay warm, eat well, waste less

Tomato soup

1.5 million whole tomatoes get wasted every day in the UK.

Give yours a happy ending by turning them into a warming, hearty soup using an easy to follow recipe.

You could even use some unwanted bread to make croutons!

Get the recipe, plus lots more ideas

Leave it loose, don’t bag it!

Don't bag it, leave it loose

Recycling loves to be left loose in your bin, not tied up in bin liners or carrier bags. We work hard to reduce the levels of non recyclable materials (contamination) in our recycling but we need your help.

Bin liners or other plastic bags can stop the recyclables inside being ‘seen’ by the sorting machinery at our Materials Recovery Facility as it travels along the conveyor belts. This might sadly mean that your recycling efforts go to waste.

Bin liners can also get wrapped around the sorting machinery making it work less efficiently at sorting the county’s recycling.

Please make sure that all your recycling goes in your bin clean, loose and dry.

Had a Christmas upgrade?

Charity shop

Perhaps you’re having a clear out to make room for all the exciting new things Father Christmas brought you down the chimney this Christmas or maybe you received some gifts that didn’t quite match your list this year.

Why not take any unwanted items that are suitable for reuse to a Charity shop or homeless shelter? They may be just what someone else is looking for.

Please make sure to check that they are open and accepting donations first.

Electrical recycling

Electrical recycling

Many of us will have updated our gadgets over the Christmas period and are now wondering how to recycle the old ones. Every year an estimated 2 million tonnes of waste electrical and electronic (WEEE) items are discarded by householders and companies in the UK.

It might be tempting to just drop your broken power tool, toaster or tablet in your kerbside bin. However, these items contain valuable materials and components which can be reused or recycled if taken to a recycling centre. If your item uses a plug, charger or batteries it can be recycled at any of the 12 recycling centres in Nottinghamshire.

Find your nearest recycling centre

Christmas tree recycling

Christmas tree recycling

Now that the decorations have come down, don’t forget that your real Christmas tree can still be recycled at  your local recycling centre. They’re open daily from 8am – 4pm.

Real Christmas trees are shredded to make wood chip paths, mulches or can be recycled into compost at a local facility.

Find your local recycling centre

Could you foster in 2022?


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