Final Week to Have Your Say on Ambitious Plans for the Future of Chetwynd and Toton

 Residents of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire are being urged to have their say on exciting plans to create jobs, housing and transport links in and around Toton and Chetwynd, before Broxtowe Borough Council’s public consultation come to an end on Friday 14 January.

The scheduled closure of the historic Chetwynd Barracks in 2026, and any proposed transport works around the potential Toton East Midlands Hub, provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to map out the future for the area, create cycle pathways, green spaces, new schools, healthcare facilities and modern communities, which offer affordable and carbon neutral homes. 

This ‘Masterplan’ for the development of the area is being shared through an innovative ‘virtual exhibition’ which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until midnight on Friday 14 January, so people can view the proposals and submit their comments at their leisure, in a COVID-secure way. 

The Masterplan, developed over the last four years with Nottinghamshire County Council, supported by Erewash Borough Council and Derbyshire County Council, also forms part of an ambitious long-term vision for the future of the regional economy, which is being developed under the banner of the proposed East Midlands Development Corporation.

The vision will see coordinated development around Toton and Chetwynd, Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station and East Midlands Airport, with the aim of creating 84,000 jobs and adding £4.8bn to the value of the regional economy. 

Promotional leaflets have been distributed to more than 80,000 homes to raise awareness of the consultation, with posters on display in prominent locations.

Milan Radulovic, Leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, said:

“There is so much on the horizon for Toton and Chetwynd that will create more jobs and give a vital boost to our local economy, but we’ve got to make sure we get it right from the very start.

“I would really encourage all of our residents to go online before the consultation ends on Friday and be part of planning for this exciting future.”

To see the plans, or take part in the consultation, or to find out more, visit


  1. Now that the plans for the Toton HS2 Hub have been scrapped hasn’t this plan been thrown into disarray?


    1. Too much water under the bridge for landowner and developers who have been eyeing up this site for many years even if HS2 doesn’t happen.


  2. At the last Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum meeting, it was decided to suggest that the masterplan’s commitments to net-zero were undermined by the emphasis on car transport. The Forum decided to recomment that Chetwynd barracks be connected to the tram terminus (and NOT the A52). This would save money, avoid yet more congestion on the A52 and help prioritise walking, cycling and public transport.

    The decision to scrap the HS2 station at Toton pulls the rug from under the masterplan and the Forum has questioned the viability of the proposals and suggested a revision of the plan given the new circumstances created by the decision to terminate HS2 south of Toton.

    Please do take the time to comment on the masterplan – its implementation will change Bramcote for decades; (y)our comments could help that change be a change for the good.


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