Flooding on Ilkeston Road

Councillor Richard MacRae who has supplied the photographs writes:

Please take care driving along Ilkeston Road near the junctions of Hickings Lane and Coventry Lane.  

Due to blocked drains the Road is flooding. I have contacted Nottinghamshire County Council to make them aware and also contacted Council Steve Carr as he replies to my messages.  

I have also sent an email to the two County Councillors for the area..  

In the mean time please take care driving this way.  


  1. A very helpful person at Nottinghamshire County Council has helped to get this reported and told me they hope that someone comes out ASAP to sort this out.

    There are many drains blocked and although I try to use the MyNotts App it unfortunately doesn’t have enough options such as blocked drains, flooding. Maybe this is something that can also be looked into.


  2. Unfortunately, I have been sent a message by a local resident to say following the rain during the night it’s flooded across the road again.
    I’m not sure what Nottinghamshire County Council is playing at as in clearing the drains.


    1. It would be good to hear from our elected Councillors regarding this concerning issue.. I recall seeing them on social media coming up to Election time.


      1. Sue it was reported the same morning by myself also cookies pond was at the start of December that is a Broxtowe matter as you know I am postman for that area and see many things which are reported yours Maggie

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  3. Hi Richard, I can confirm the issue has been inspected and added to the work list for action. Appropriate action will be taken in due course. We cannot provide an exact timeframe for when the problem will be fixed as the worklist is continuously reordered based on risk and priority.

    Update from Nottinghamshire County Council.

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  4. Despite it being reported many times, despite Nottinghamshire County Council saying they have been inspected I am sad to report that are area is yet again flooded.

    Please take care along Ilkeston Road as there are various locations that now flood including around the junction of Hickings Lane..

    Come on Nottinghamshire County Council let’s get this sorted. It never used to flood like this.


  5. Just to give some updates: Ilkeston road been inspected and works planned. The sign outside Sherwin and the Coventry lane barrier on Ilkeston road junction also reported. Yours Maggie


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