Festive Recycling Tips

NCC’s top festive recycling tips can help to make your Christmas even greener:

  • Remove ribbons, bows, tape, glitter and other adornments before recycling wrapping paper or cards
  • Do the scrunch test! If the wrapping paper stays scrunched it’s good for recycling – if it bounces back it’s foil or plastic lined and should be put in the general waste bin.
  • Only put paper and card that is clean and dry in your recycling bin. Anything containing food residue or foodstains like paper napkins or kitchen roll should go in the general waste bin.
  • Discard the inner packing materials from your cardboard boxes before flattening them and putting them in your recycling bin.
  • Natural parts of Christmas decorations, such as ivy and holly, can be recycled with green or garden waste, once artificial elements such as bows and glitter have been removed.
  • Remember – If in doubt leave it out – no food trays, foil wrappers or punnets please in your kerbside recycling bin.

Real Christmas tree recycling

Are you having a real Christmas tree this year? If so, remember that, once you’ve finished with it, you can take it to your local recycling centre where it could be chipped to make paths in parks and gardens or shredded for composting. Another great way of turning waste into a resource.

Love Christmas – Hate Food Waste?

Christmas for most of us means lots of lovely food shared with family and friends but what about all those leftovers?

After your tenth turkey sandwich you may be looking for some more creative ways to use up that leftover Christmas food. Why not check out our festive cookery videos and recipes for some really tasty ideas?

Fire safety


Please remember to dispose of electrical items and batteries correctly.

Lithium-ion batteries which are found in many electronic devices, toys, laptops, power tools and can cause fires if put in household waste bins. Once crushed in the back of bin lorries they can ignite other flammable waste such as paper or plastic and cause damage and disruption to collection services in your area.

Small electronic devices are accepted at the county recycling centres and special containers are also available at the sites for removed batteries. Large retailers like supermarkets who sell batteries will also have containers for the recycling of batteries.

Festive jumper fun

Christmas jumper

Did you know?

Extending the length of time we wear clothes by just three months would lead to a 5-10% reduction in their carbon, water and waste footprints.

Instead of buying a Christmas jumper this year why not make your own – ‘Love your clothes’ have some great ideas to jazz up a jumper you already own.  You could also swap jumpers with friends and family too or visit a local charity shop.


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