1. Cases are pretty irrelevant now especially given UK is testing so many using unreliable and cheap lateral flow tests. How many are in hospital is the data you should be publishing as this determines how well vaccines are working and whether the NHS is overwhelmed. Cases now are same as the peak in January 2021 but numbers in hospital are only 20% of the number in January, which seems to show vaccines work; also majority in hospital are unvaccinated. Needs to be a better push at getting people double vaccinated. I would also prefer we stopped boosters and give vaccines to developing countries so that the whole world is better protected not just those in wealthy countries. However i expect Pfizer are pushing boosters in the West as many countries cannot afford their vaccines.


    1. It is a shame that so many maskless customers in Beeston shops today seemed to regard the infection risk to themselves and their families so lightly.


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