Darren Henry MP Statement on Vaccine Passports

Darren Henry indicates that the majority of his constituents don’t fancy the idea of vaccine passports so he is going to vote against Plan B. How many residents of Bramcote were canvassed?

This stance is grossly irresponsible.


  1. One might expect Bramcote of all places would support Henry on this as we seem to be the only area of his constituency that support the Liberal Democrats. Their leader Ed Davey has made it clear that the LibDems are the only UK political party that provides “clear and principled” opposition to “unworkable, expensive” Covid vaccine certificates. Unclear from his comment whether Steve Carr is supporting his party leader, so good to have clarity from him.
    We might also celebrate that our MP will vote against the government given his previously devoted support; hope for him yet or maybe he has realised Johnson won’t be with us much longer..


  2. Darren seems to have been so closely entangled with Boris for so long that he has become infected with Boris virus , which can cause loss of contact with reality and subsequent irrational pronouncements . Here’s hoping he recovers soon .


    1. Who are the “majority” of Broxtowe constituents who supposedly don’t want Covid passports? Where is the empirical evidence to support our MP’s statement? Absolutely nowhere.


    1. Clare – I presume that you didn’t see Darren’s update (Twitter I think)? He is self isolating due to COVID and there is not a means for him to vote unless he is physically at Parliament.

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