Petition to save the trees

We have had a lot of response, on our website and through social media, to our article highlighting Nottinghamshire County Council’s plan to fell 10 healthy, mature trees on Ilkeston Road, Stapleford. I haven’t seen one comment in favour of NCC’s plan nor have I noted a comment from the Nottinghamshire County Councillors who represent Stapleford and the west part of Bramcote.

If you object to the proposal please ensure you sign the petition to “Stop the Chop” and share to encourage friends, relatives and neighbours to sign.

Councillors Steve Carr, Richard MacRae and David Watts who object to the NCC’s proposals


  1. Taking down mature trees in this day and age screams absolute idiocracy, absolutely no excuse to trample down more of nature for’developmental’ or ‘progress’ it is a pure afront to even consider this, backwards thinking… appalling..


  2. The trees need to stay
    Wildlife is going to be efforted by they being removed we are loosing to much wildlife to houses


  3. Hopefully the County Council will reconsider this proposal in light of their declaration of a Climate Emergency, their much lauded Environment Policy, their Trees for Climate programme and the Greenwood Community Forest which they champion. and host.

    Actions speak louder than words!


  4. Why do the council vandalise the area? Don’t the people in the new houses want trees or do they go elsewhere?


  5. lol… Has anyone read the post today? There are no NCC proposals, just an eager beaver property developer. I assume these 3 councillors will withdraw their view that any “proposals” exist in the first place, and apologise for not being more vocal when this crossed the planning committee (of which, one of these fellas is the chair) months ago.


  6. One of the Stapleford county councillors is looking into this with the county and the borough. Interestingly, Councillor David Watts is chair of planning at Broxtowe where this was passed. It would be interesting to know what he said about the application at the meeting and how he voted.


    1. You could ask the same question of the County Councillor who sits on the planning committee how they also voted, please come back and let us know the response.


  7. I for one did raise concerns in the past on more than one occasion.

    I have also as a ward Councillor called this application to Planning Committee so it can again be discussed.


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