Notts County Council want to fell 10 perfectly healthy trees to create a cycle lane!

Councillors Steve Carr, Richard MacRae and David Watts

Nottinghamshire County Council are proposing to fell ten perfectly healthy mature trees in Stapleford to create a new cycle lane, despite the fact that there is plenty of space next to the trees for the lane to pass them by.

The County Council had not discussed the plans with anyone. Lib Dem County Councillor Steve Carr said:

“Stapleford is represented by Conservative and Labour County Councillors, but we’ve not heard a word about this proposal from either party. The first residents knew about these plans was when big red crosses appeared on the trees. It’s been left to the Liberal Democrats and independent councillors to find out what is going on.”

The trees are directly opposite the home of Broxtowe Mayor and independent borough councillor Richard Macrae, but even he hadn’t been notified about the plans.

Lib Dem climate change spokesperson Cllr David Watts said:

“To suggest the best way to create an eco-cycle way is by chopping down lots of mature trees is bonkers. To try and do it without even telling local people is a disgrace. When we challenged the county council they gave us two stories, one being that it was for the cycle lane and the other that it was to improve visibility on Ilkeston Road. These trees don’t obstruct the visibility on Ilkeston Road at all. They are set well back from the road and there is plenty of room to put a cycle lane between them and the road.”

Cllr Carr added:

“We’re calling on the County Council to abandon this plan immediately.”



  1. This is absolutely shocking news. Those trees are not in the way of any cycle lane, look good and blend in very nicely with the surroundings and vastly improve the look of what is rapidly becoming another boring road though yet another Legoland Estate. The County Council should be ashamed of themselves bulldozing this through.
    Personally I would sooner keep the trees and scrap the cycle lane. So much for the Councils Environmental Policy.
    Come on Broxtowe Tory and Labour Councillors show some support to save these trees.
    Environmentally we need as many fully grown trees as possible especially here where there are and will be more choking car fumes every working day.

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  2. Sad to see that on returning home this morning 3 trees have been destroyed. The rest are being destroyed too.

    The developer tells me they have permission as part of the new road being put in.

    Well the new road is between Rowan Avenue and Mayfield Drive. Not down this end near the trees.

    Perfectly healthy trees being destroyed in bird nesting season and for what.. they are not in the way at all.

    Who gave permission for this to happen is what I have asked and await a response.

    Not happy like many others that this is allowed to happen.


    1. This is very sad news Richard. The petition was obviously a waste of time. Why couldn’t the borough council put a stop to it. They brag about how many trees they are planting in the borough yet don’t tell us about the swathes of hedgerows, trees and countryside they allow to be ripped up in the name of progress. They will have to plant at least 30 saplings to replace the environmental impact of losing one of these trees.
      Personally we are sick of Peveril Homes, we have had to suffer months of constant loud noise and pollution from this site. Huge bangs as the tipper trucks let their trailers slam shut, the constant pile driving, builders shouting and swearing at each other to be heard over the noise, enough dust even the squirrels are coughing, the smells of sewage and tarmac, constant heavy goods traffic. Now we have to have temporary traffic lights while they put in a dangerous exit road.
      How much more environmental damage is the Council gonna tolerate or are they only interested in how much money they are gonna get from the completion of this and other sites in the neighbourhood. An air pollution test made in the rush hour on Ilkeston Road might be a good start. Lets face it the Council will not be happy until all the land from Field Farm, both sides of Coventry Lane, Trowell Moor and all the way through Bilborough and Strelley to the M1 is all destroyed and built upon. No wonder these few trees don’t matter. Shame on both Councils.


  3. I drove by this Development on Thursday, and I was absolutely shocked to see them ripping up hedgerows, and that some of the trees had been cut down. These trees did not affect the Development in any way. I feel so sorry for the residents facing this Development, the view they had has been totally destroyed. Goodness knows how all the traffic from this estate is going to impact on the roads around the area, but of course they will all be on cycles so that’s OK, and having to leave a gap of 4 feet between a car and a cyclist will bring the roads to a stand still.
    I don’t know the results of the petition but I would suspect most people wanted the trees to stay.
    As for putting in a cycle lane, I have never seen a cyclist along this road, much like the A52.
    We will certainly know who to vote for come election time.


    1. Sadly, I suspect not because the majority of voters don’t take the time to research the individual’s community record; they simply vote for their party.


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