Integrated Rail Plan Announcement – Friday 19 November

Press release from Darren Henry MP:

Following the Government’s announcement of the Integrated Rail Plan today, there are a number of positive schemes that will be of direct benefit to Broxtowe. Government has elected to review the plans for the Eastern Leg of HS2 but has reaffirmed its commitment to levelling up the region with improvements to East-West connectivity and a continued commitment to invest in Toton helping to create 1000 jobs and invest in our economy and skills for years to come.

Despite revisions to the HS2 programme, the IRP offers a major opportunity for the future of UK rail travel. With £96 billion being invested across the country, this represents the biggest single investment into the nation’s rail network. This is great news for our region, a commitment to fully electrify the Midland Main Line, the planned highspeed line to connect the East and West Midlands which will reduce travel time to Birmingham to just 26 minutes as well as a commitment for a brand-new railway station at Toton, allowing Broxtowe to directly benefit from greater rail connectivity. The proposed plan laid out for Toton, such as a station for local and regional services, is subject to private sector investment on a 50:50 match-funded basis with the taxpayer. Parliamentarians are confident that this private investment is forthcoming. Communities across the East Midlands will now also get direct
HS2 services, making a journey from London to Nottingham 26 minutes faster than under the old plans.

The IRP also includes £360 million to improve contactless ticketing systems across the country which will help to simplify journeys across the region. This all ensures that UK rail is fit for purpose improving the experience for passengers as well as vastly increasing the network’s overall capacity and helping the UK’s economy to thrive.

Darren Henry MP commented “Although a full decision regarding the Eastern Leg of HS2 is being reviewed, the IRP as announced today is without a doubt great news for Broxtowe. Having campaigned tirelessly on this issue during my time as a Member of Parliament, I am delighted to see key commitments for the much needed investment in Toton which is set to become a key hub for region. The IRP will deliver real opportunities for local people with enhancements to skills and learning opportunities and new business, this plan puts Broxtowe at the heart of the East Midlands economy for years to come.”


  1. The proposed station proposal for Toton is bizarre.
    HS2 services are reputedly continuing on from East Midlands Parkway to the current stations at Nottingham and Derby and so won’t go through Toton.
    No passenger services currently run through the stretch of line where the Toton station will be built.
    So what passenger services will there be at Toton?
    There is a very poor case for any commercial development at Toton driven by a railway station.


    1. I couldn’t agree more. Integrated transport planning policies were a useful index of a country’s development decades ago. We are going backwards, all in the name of political expediency.


  2. Is HS2 from East Midlands Parkway all its cracked up to be? Its fine if you want to go to just Birmingham or London but there is a serious flaw in Birmingham. The station in Birmingham is a new one Curzon Street. The line does not run into the key Birmingham station – New Street. If you want to travel on to Worcester, Gloucester, Wolverhampton, Shrewsbury and beyond, you have to leg it over from Curzon Street to New Street. Where is the connectivity so beloved of our politicians?


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