Broxtowe Residents Conned by the Tories

  • County Council gambled £22million on Toton.
  • No guarantees about new railway station.
  • Deputy Leader of Broxtowe calls it a failure of political leadership.

Councillor Steve Carr, Liberal Democrat leader of Broxtowe Borough Council has accused the Conservatives of “…misleading Broxtowe residents”.  This was after the under fire MP bragged of securing a new tram system from Toton to East Midlands’ Parkway.  Analysis of the Integrated Rail Plan (IRP) shows there is no such guarantee.  The promised new local station at Toton will only be delivered if the private sector cough up half the money.

Councillor Steve Carr said, “Make no mistake – the scrapping of the HS2 hub is a disaster for Toton and a disaster for Broxtowe.  It’s a dog’s dinner and we’ve been left in the lurch.  It will cost us untold millions, costs thousands of job opportunities and set us back years.  The Tories have tried to present a silk purse when what we are getting is a sow’s ear.  The Conservatives have made promise after promise to the people of Broxtowe and have delivered nothing.  A vague promise of a new station if the private sector pay half the bill and buses to East Midlands’ Parkway. 

“The Government talks of a levelling up agenda yet they have done the opposite.  They can’t even level up Nottinghamshire.  This is a direct failure in political leadership by Conservative MPs in our region.  Maybe the Council Leader Ben Bradley should consider whether 3 jobs is delivering any results for our County?   He’s not delivering for Toton and he’s not delivering for Broxtowe.  Many residents bought homes or based their businesses around Toton in the mistaken belief that the Tories would keep their promise.  The County Council even gambled £22million buying land around Toton on a false premise.”

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