Ambitious Vision Revealed for a Better Future Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire County Council Press Release:

Nottinghamshire County Council has revealed their ambitious nine-point plan for a 10-year vision to deliver a better future for all.

The Nottinghamshire Plan is a response to feedback from the Big Notts Survey, in which, over 12,000 residents shared their aspirations for the future this summer.

With the strapline of healthy, prosperous, and green the plan directly addresses residents hopes and concerns as we emerge from the pandemic and look to the next 10 years and beyond.

Core to the plan is levelling up life chances across the county by investing in priority communities, improving Nottinghamshire’s roads and pavements, and making core council services such as adults and children’s social care fit for the future. 

The aspirational plan also outlines how securing greater investment by bringing more powers and funding from London to Nottinghamshire would support the delivery of major infrastructure projects like HS2 and the East Midlands Freeport.

Responding to residents’ concerns on climate change, the council has also set itself the bold target of making all Council activity net carbon neutral by 2030, and planting of over 250,000 trees to support local biodiversity.

Set out in nine ambitions, the Nottinghamshire Plan details actions the council will fulfil over the next four years, including piloting local Family Hubs that give access to all family support services under one roof, providing sufficient school places in good schools so that parents have greater choice, and creating the world’s first 5G Connected Forest within the historic Sherwood Forest area.

Nottinghamshire County Council leader Councillor Ben Bradley MP said, “I’m delighted to share our 10-year vision for Nottinghamshire and what we will do over the next four years to bring that vision to life.

“We’ve closely listened to what residents told us in the Big Notts Survey, that is why the plan has residents needs and aspirations at its heart, and I’m determined to deliver the healthy, prosperous, and greener future all our communities deserve.

“The council faces financial challenges and difficult decisions ahead. But Nottinghamshire already has much to be proud of, and I’m excited and optimistic about all the opportunities to bring in investment, grow the local economy and shape our services for a future where everyone can prosper.

“We’re committed to improving life for everyone but also levelling up life chances by investing in those communities that need it the most, so that everyone has access to the best that Nottinghamshire has to offer.”

Councillor Bradley continued: “But we know this hugely ambitious vision cannot be delivered alone and that is why we’re proud to be partnering with communities and organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors as we put our plan into action.”

Once approved the Nottinghamshire Plan will be presented on a dedicated website which will be kept up to date on progress being made and any further goals. 

Councillor Bruce Laughton, Deputy Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council explained: “The Big Notts Survey was just the start of the conversation with our residents.  We will always be transparent, and the new website will allow everyone to check that we’re on track.

“The Nottinghamshire Plan is a living document, and we’ll keep listening and improving it in response to what our communities tell us they need to make a better future for all.”

The Nottinghamshire Plan will be considered for approval at a Full Council meeting on 25 November 2021.

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