Darren Henry’s Serving Broxtowe Update 29 October 2021

A Tribute to Sir David Amess

I am sure you all share in the grief and sadness following the tragic killing of my colleague, the Member of Parliament for Southend West, Sir David Amess earlier this month. He was a hard-working and caring MP, who served his constituency loyally since 1997.  

There is more that unites us than there is that divides us. I hope this is a message that continues to be heard throughout communities, following this tragedy, as it was after the equally tragic murder of Jo Cox MP.

I will continue to meet with my constituents and be visible within my local community, as I believe this is at the heart of my role as Broxtowe’s Member of Parliament. Acts such as this one seek to attack our democracy and it is my belief that the best affront to such attacks is to continue to demonstrate that this will not stop MPs being present and visible to all constituents.   If there is anything in the future I can assist you with please do not hesitate to contact me.  

Kimberley Leisure Centre

I am incredibly concerned about the continued reports surrounding the future of Kimberley Leisure Centre. Kimberley Leisure Centre is a vital asset and must remain open to our community for the long term. I have heard from many of my constituents recently, who have shared their own stories about the leisure centre and how valuable it is to the lives of them and their families. Indeed, my own children had their early swimming experiences at Kimberley Leisure Centre.
I am working to set up a meeting with all the involved stakeholders including: Kimberley School Governors, East Midlands Education Trust and local councillors to put the case forward for retaining the facility. I am firmly of the view that Kimberley Leisure Centre should remain open. I have started the petition below that will be presented to the Council. If this is an issue that you too feel strongly about then please sign the petition below and share it with your family and friends.

Save Kimberley Leisure Centre | Darren Henry

In Parliament

It has been a busy time in Parliament since returning from recess. This week was the budget which saw a number of key announcements made by the Chancellor. These included:

– National Living Wage Increase
– Fuel Duty Frozen
– £1.7 Billion Invested Through the Levelling Up Fund
– The Biggest Capital Investment in the NHS since 2010
– Cutting Duty on Draught Beer and Cider by 5%
– The Biggest Schools Funding Boost in a Decade
– £5.7 Billion Investment in Transport Settlements
– Annual Investment Allowance Extended to March 2023
– 50% Business Rates Discount for the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Sectors
– Planned Increase in Duty on Spirits Cancelled
– Cutting Universal Credit Taper Rate from 63% to 55%

I am particularly pleased to see the Government’s announcements surrounding levelling up and that they are to cut Beer and Cider duty by 5%. This will be vital in supporting our local pubs as they recover from this challenging period. This is something I have been pushing the Treasury to implement throughout the pandemic following a meeting with local publicans and small brewers from across Broxtowe last year.

On Monday, I asked the Minister at the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities a question seeking clarification on the timescales for Kimberley’s levelling up bid. I am committed to doing everything I can to ensure the strongest possible bid is submitted, therefore giving the town the best chance of success. I have also written to the department seeking further information.

I had the delightful opportunity to meet the official mascot for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games in Parliament. The games will offer exciting opportunities for businesses in Broxtowe and the Midlands. Further information will be released over the coming weeks with offers of early tickets and participation in the Queen’s Baton Relay in the build up to next year’s event.

Today I was pleased to contribute during the second reading of the Animals (Penalty Notices) Bill. As a proud nation of animal lovers, we must stand up for their rights and welfare. The Government has made great strides in protecting our animals and seeking to prosecute those who cause harm to them. This Bill offers the opportunity to strengthen these protections and I was pleased to offer my support in achieving this.

Environment Bill Amendment

There has been some concern regarding the vote that took place on Amendment 45B of the Environment Bill which sought to prevent the discharge of sewage into inland waters. Although I did not disagree with the sentiment behind the amendment, it contained several flaws which meant that I was unable to offer my support. My full response and explanation for the vote on the Environment Bill can be found here:


On Friday 15th October I chaired two meetings of Push Bike Broxtowe, talking with constituents to look at ways we can work better with schools to encourage cycling and active travel across the constituency. I have recently held discussions with the County Council who are supportive of initiative and schemes to promote this. As an officer of the Cycling and Walking All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) I am keen to feed in comments from constituents across Broxtowe into the Government’s Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy and have discussed this with attendees who have put forward constructive suggestions that I will be feeding into the APPG.

If anybody is interested in joining our regular Push Bike Broxtowe meetings, please email me at darren.henry.mp@parliament.uk.

Last week, as part of the Stapleford Cycle Network Group, we toured various sites in the town to look at the planned improvement for cycling infrastructure. I am a strong believer in consulting closely with the community to ensure that any proposals for changes receive popular support. This was a positive initial visit looking at the different options for how cycling improvements can be made in Stapleford.

Mailing address is:
168 Derby Road,


  1. Darren. Two things.

    1. The Council, EMET, Liberty Leisure and the school have already met. You’re a bit late to the party!
    2. You voted to allow Water Companies to dump raw sewerage into rivers and the sea. Own it!


  2. I hope the local Lib Dems will be mentioning on literature how our local MP loves his water untreated.
    Such a shame that after three more independent MPs since 1983 we now have a nodding donkey.
    PS. Rather surprised no mention on here of the death last Sunday of Sir Jim Lester, Broxtowe MP from 1983 to 1997 after being MP for Beeston from 1974.


    1. I once spent a day shadowing Jim Lester in the House of Commons. I had a huge respect for him: not my politics but you could engage with him and he had a mind of his own. He told me he always opened handwritten letters first, as they were about what was uppermost on people’s minds. He was of the Ken Clarke school: what a loss they are.


  3. I can’t help but wonder what is more important to Mr Henry ………. fist bumps with the official mascot of the 2022 Commonwealth Games (as per his latest news) or voting to halt Owen Paterson’s parliamentary suspension. He has of course done both, neither of which give me confidence in my MP, albeit I can just about cope with the former.


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