Focus on Bramcote – Autumn 2021

The Autumn Focus is currently being delivered by volunteers. If you would like to support your community and get some exercise into the bargain four times per year contact Cllr David Watts on 07854 409628.

This edition includes:

  • Stapleford Land Grab Thwarted
  • Fishpond Cottage Progress
  • Next CAT Meeting
  • School Redevelopment Moves Closer
  • Household Bin Collections
  • Illegal Motorbikes
  • Doing The School Run?
  • 72 Derby Road
  • Bramcote Cricket Club
  • Covid Vigilance


  1. While it may be true that the Stapleford Town Council attempt to expand its boundaries into Bramcote has been put on ice, they have instead chosen to seek to annex swathes of land within the Chetwynd Forum. Land within a neighbourhood area is not white space. It is land that a forum has worked hard to develop a plan to realise a vision. Town councils by law are the only bodies that can develop neighbourhood plans in their areas.

    So I’m sorry but Focus is inaccurate. Displacing the land grab from one Forum’s area to another is not right and the Lib Dems and all borough councillors (of any party, or of more) need to step up and thwart any attempt to grab land from a neighbourhood forum.


    1. Many years ago now when Stapleford Town Council very first started talking about the Neighbourhood Plan it was me who said it should be ALL of Stapleford, the Parish area and the area without Parish. Sadly bad advice was given by the then Town Clerk and despite the fact that Stapleford Town Council could have applied to include ALL of Stapleford in the Neighbourhood Plan. If you look at minutes from past meetings you should find that the original plan was to only include the Town Centre and I am so glad that didn’t happen. Unfortunately it is taking forever and a day to get the Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan in place. Whilst I am aware there was a meeting last week I can’t tell you what was discussed as we was given minimal notice of the meeting and no agenda was set for the meeting, so your guess is as good as mine to what they spoke about.


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