Invitation: Redesignation of Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum

Steve Austin & Paul Nathanail write:

We are writing to all Bramcote residents to invite you to a meeting to agree the future of the Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum.  We would like to review our achievements as a community, since the Forum’s designation in August 2016, and invite you to be part of the decision as to whether we decide to apply for redesignation by Broxtowe Borough Council.

Please join us on Monday 4 October 2021 at 8pm

Via Zoom


  • Introduction
  • Update on the work of Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum 2016 -2021  
  • Discussion and decision on whether to go through the steps needed to apply for redesignation by Broxtowe Borough Council.


  • Elect chair of Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum (nominations to be accepted by the meeting Chair)
  • Elect up to 10 members to the Steering Group
  • Next steps, newly appointed Chair of the Forum
  • AOB

The meeting will be chaired by Steve Austin, in his capacity as chair of the Bramcote Hills Community Association. In the event that the meeting decides to proceed, nominations for Chair of the Forum and for membership of the steering group will be accepted by Steve and an online vote should any position be contested will be held.

On 11 July 2016, the following vision for Bramcote was agreed by members of the Forum: “In 2031, Bramcote will be a safe, environmentally responsible, highly desirable residential, mixed use area. It will value people, education, heritage and existing mature landscapes and habitats, and provide outstanding schools, employment, amenities and recreational open spaces that we can protect, value and enhance. It will be a welcoming and inclusive place, with a thriving diverse community”.

This is your opportunity to help shape Bramcote’s future and play a part in making our vision real.

Kind regards,

Steve Austin & Paul Nathanail

1 Comment

  1. I am sorry I will be unable to join the Zoom meeting, but I am in favour of the Forum to continue, and accept the nomination of the chairman elected by the members. Please be kind enough to keep me informed of what is going on. Kindest regards Jeffrey Smith


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