Result from Stapleford T.C’s vote last night

Regular readers will have seen our recent article about a proposal to alter Stapleford’s electoral boundary. Councillor Richard MacRae has published a recording of last night’s council meeting which can be viewed below.

Item 9 commences at 31.30 minutes and concludes at 1 hour 22mins

In short, the majority of our readers who opposed any boundary changes to Bramcote will be pleased to hear the result.

If you have an hour to spare, it’s quite an interesting watch (more listen really) and very informative to hear different points of view and arguments for the different proposed options put forwards by the working party.

The working party consisted of four councillors, namely Cllrs Bofinger (Lab), Frost (Grn), Needham (Grn) and Patterson (Lab). In addition, Councillors Richard MacRae, John McGrath, Tim Hallam and David Grindell spoke. Apologies that I couldn’t recognise other voices but all STC’s Councillor can be viewed on their website.

The vote takes place 1 hour 20 minutes into the meeting following a lengthy, detailed conversation. Cllr Tim Hallam proposed option 4 (Accept the Borough Council’s Preliminary proposals with no changes) and Councillor MacRae proposed option 2 ( Extension of the South/South Eastern boundary to follow the historical line of the Parish Boundary with the alteration on the south western edge of that historical line to follow the man-made ‘barrier’ of the railway line). The latter proposal received the majority vote.

To clarify, the vote was to agree the proposal STC put forward to Broxtowe Borough Council. Councillor Steve Carr has confirmed, “The consultations will be going to a working party and then a report to Governance & Audit committee.”

Broxtowe residents may independently write to:

The Head of Administrative Services, Broxtowe Borough Council, Council Offices, Foster Avenue, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1AB or by email to

Representations must be made by 30 September 2021.



  1. Noting their voted for “Option 2”:

    Option 2 Plan

    Note that is “-27” properties but with a lot of additional greenfields land… In near term reality:

    Is there a strong anticipation of adding a few thousand properties from the bricks and tarmac development of the greenfield productive agricultural land that very aptly is coloured green?



  2. As Tim Hallam pointed out in the meeting, much of the land on the Toton side of the A52 is ear marked for development with the Midlands development engine and potential of HS2. That will fundamentally change the boundaries completely. As well as the land along the train line by Bessel Lane. The top of Stapleford Lane in Toton has been the historical parish boundary but that was before the busy 4 lane dual carriage way was built. The area marked in green between the a52 and the tram stop will likely have housing or other infrastructure built on it. Again all connected with the Midlands engine project. Between the various pending developments and the current road structure that makes the area cut off from the rest of Stapleford and not a continuous thoroughfare.

    The other changes are minor adjustments to properties on the Trowell and Stapleford borders. The impact of option 2 on Bramcote is gaining the houses on Valmont which are currently in Stapleford. This has been proposed by the Borough in their proposal.

    You can sign our petition here and as Sue says, make your representations to the council. I would encourage everyone to do so.


    1. Town and Parish councils are an anochronism in suburban Areas. Their purlieu is restricted to the oversight of allotments. There is a case for them in rural areas where they can temper the remote dictates of Borough and County councils.
      The attempt to amend the Bramcote boundaries , reflecting the County Council change to Broxtowe Central, is mis-guided.
      We had a referendum a few years ago which clearly reflected the view that Bramcote residents did not want a Parish/ Town Council and preferred to remain in the Beeston Special Expenses area..
      Stapleford seeks to impose a surcharge on Bramcote residents .
      For what? – they have no remit to influence or enact legislative changes .
      This is a ruse to increase their income and fund disaffected political parties.


  3. STC seem to be living in, or want to return to, the past. The parish boundary between Stapleford & Toton was realigned to the A52 (the administrative boundary) in Feb 2020 by the Bishop of Southwell & Nottingham. Therefore if STC want to use the parish boundary as the line of demarcation then this is the one they should be using. Returning to the Domesday Book of 1086 has little relevance to modern society and ignores the developments (including road infrastructure) that have taken place in the succeeding 935 years!

    In any event there are no allotments in that part of Toton they are seeking to annex!!

    Please see the previous post under “Important Read for Bramcote Residents………….” for the Forum’s position on this, and requesting all to respond to Broxtowe to oppose it by 30th September.


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