Fire at Bramcote School

Mark Sinclair writes: A huge fire broke out late last night at the old Bramcote School, on Bramcote Hills Park. The building is unused and awaiting demolition.
Derby Road was closed in both directions. I walked over and managed to obtain these pictures


  1. If a large building is left empty for so long something like this will inevitably happen. Why has it been left so long? Are there (were there) any plans to do anything with it?

    I don’t understand how Bramcote got into such a mess with local schools – old school left to burn down, green fields needing to be sold to finance a new school that has been promised for over 10 years… Why such inertia?

    Obviously, it’s down to money/funding – but why haven’t we been able to get any, for so long, when other areas appear able to?


  2. Bramcote School, Bramcote Hills Primary and Foxwood School are all shut today because of the fire.


    1. Richard – I notice that you frequently reblog posts from BramcoteToday – but you have NOT reblogged the item about the Land Grab being considered by Stapleford Town Council. You stood to represent part of Bramcote in the County Council elections. Could you now confirm your position on the proposal to subsume part of Bramcote into Stapleford.




      1. I have shared it on my Facebook page already. You find it shared on there. When I reblog or post on my website it goes to my social media feeds. But as it is already on my social media I didn’t reblog it.


      2. Thanks RIchard – I hope the Stapleford Town Councillors will reject any option that changes the boundaries of Bramcote and have written to the Clerk with the reasons why.

        As I said elsewhere on BT, a poorly thought out and even more poorly executed proposal that has only served to erect divisions between the two communities in this part of Broxtowe when none were wanted or needed.



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