Stapleford Town Council’s proposal

Councillor Steve Carr writes:

Please sign our petition to stop Stapleford Green and Labour Town councillors from annexing part of Bramcote. These is one reason for this and one only. Your Council Tax will go up and straight into the Town Council’s coffers.


  1. The wording in the LibDems petition is inaccurate: Stapleford Town Council have not made a proposal – they are discussing what proposal they want to put forward at their meeting tomorrow night. The working group have compiled a list of alternatives and recommended one of them.


    1. Val – the way they have gone about this is disrespectful to all Bramcote residents – the proponents have managed to build barriers and create division where none existed before. I hope all Stapleford Town Councillors will reflect on this and reject any land grab proposal – and especially one that adversly affects Bramcote.

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  2. Last night Stapleford Town Council voted in favour of Option 2 – which leaves Bramcote well alone. Residents are of course still welcome to make their views known to Broxtowe Borough Council.


    1. Sadly option 2 means a land grab from the area of the Chetwynd Forum. Why do town councillors show such little respect to their neighbours?
      A Town Council is the only body that can develop a Neighbourhood Plan for its area.
      Where a Town Council seeks to extend its territory into a neighborhood plan area it should demonstrate it has consulted with the residents in that area. It is a matter of great regret that neither Broxtowe BC nor Stapleford TC have done so.


      1. Paul – I don’t know all about it but the area just down to the south of the Toton Lane tram park and ride is historically Stapleford (There’s a sign just before you go down the hill) Within the green area on the map there are very few properties currently. So hardly anyone to consult with. Of course there may be new homes in that area in future and this was recognised – should they be in Toton (new boundary) or Stapleford (historic boundary)? Broxtowe Council would surely have to decide?


    2. This was recommendation Val. “The Working Party has recommended that option 3 be the preferred response which would restore the historical boundaries at the south of the parish but also expand to include the community to the east of the parish which resolves the anomaly of Ewe Lamb Lane, and allows the residents of that area to access the Town Mayor.”


      1. Yes, Steve, that was the recommendation of the very small working party (LibDems apparently didn’t volunteer to join it). But it was only ever one of 4 options, and even if adopted, probably wouldn’t have been taken on board by BBC, given the strength of feeling locally.
        Bramcote residents are feeling let down by their local councillors for not keeping them informed about this (from June).
        I can’t say whether the petition made any difference, but either way, STC should have been allowed to make their recommendation before unnecessarily putting the wind up everyone by the inaccurate wording of the petition (in my opinion). Broxtowe Council will, no doubt, conduct a thorough consultation and listen to all voices before forming conclusions.


  3. 188 local residents signed the Liberal Democrats online petition. Thanks.
    That pressure, plus from our councillors, forced the Green Party leader to abandon the move to grab part of Bramcote. However, it should be noted that this was done after she had said the move would have been good for the Town Council and that it could be renamed Stapleford and Bramcote West Town Council.!


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