Footpath Closure

Footpath from Moor Lane towards Bramcote Hills Park.

Paul Wolverson, Head of Environmental Services, Broxtowe Borough Council writes to Councillor Ian Tyler:

Further to your email regarding the footpath closures I have contacted VIA and they have confirmed that the path is not a recorded right of way. VIA are contacting the school to find out what the situation is regarding the closure and inform them that they have the potential for a claimed Right of Way if they don’t/can’t reopen the path.

I’ll keep you informed when VIA update me.

Mark Sinclair writes:

It would seem that the blocked footpath to Bramcote Hills Park has been unblocked. Direct action apparently!

There was no excuse to block it in the first place, as it has been as it is, for many decades.

With all the signs which have been placed at entrances to the park, which state public access is not allowed, it gave the impression that this was another attempt by school authorities to prevent free access, on what is public land.

Editor: This is getting interesting. It seems the phantom footpath opener has lost the opportunity to claim a Right of Way as well a damaging somebody else’s property.


  1. Crimminal vandalism ? Possibly by a dog-keeper looking for a handy place for his charge’s complete relief ?


  2. Interesting argument about right of way when further down Moor Lane towards the A52 there is access to the sports field which is only there because people kept breaking through the hedge to play football


  3. The path seems to have been closed off as it is quite dangerous – the surface is polished and very slippery and there is a deep drop on one side into which the unwary could easily fall. Elf & safety gone… sane in this instance.


  4. I assumed it had been closed for repairs (due to the eroded area on the left as you look up the hill), rather than to restrict access.

    Having the path open helps relieve congestion during school drop off (two paths leading to the primary school), as well as providing access to the park from Bramcote side – surely someone (the school?) isn’t looking to restrict that?


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