Anti-social behaviour at Bramcote Cricket Club

Adam, the Bramcote Club Secretary, writes:

“Unfortunately it seems someone within the community seems to have it in for Bramcote Cricket Club as the protective poles around the cricket square have once again been pulled out and dragged away from where they should be. We’ve finally had enough and informed Broxtowe BC. It’s sad that some park users want to ruin everything for the 99.9% of others who use the Park in the way it is intended for. We’re seriously wondering whether CCTV across the Park might be something the Council should be considering. No one likes to have to resort to such measures, but it’s clear that cases of anti-social behaviour are rising in the Park.”

He has further explained:

“We’re lucky that one of our younger players is at the College just next to the Park so he went out in his lunch break and put the poles back in their support holes. The issue is when some or all of the poles are out and there’s no cricket-related activity then some, but not all, park users will walk straight over the main square thinking that’s fine. People do not seem to realise the square is not ‘fair game’ and is in fact rented from the Council as we maintain it across the course of the year. The trampling over it, dogs skidding on it when running after balls/sticks all damages the pitches our volunteer grounds people spend hours and hours preparing over the course of a year and is extremely frustrating. Also, when the poles are out then soil and small bits of rubble fall into the holes that they sit in. Only last Saturday did we have to spend half an hour after the game had ended scooping out soil which had fallen into the holes over the course of several weeks.”

Adam is seeking our readers opinions and support before going to the council with this issue so please add your comments or privately contact

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