Important read for Bramcote residents living on the Stapleford side of the Sherwin Island

This Friday evening, at Stapleford Town Council’s meeting, a rather concerning item has been added to their agenda. Item 9 refers to a review of the Stapleford boundary. Long term residents of the west section of Bramcote may well recall a similar proposal some years ago. We fought this and won and it may be time to do this again.

Proposals include:

Option 1 – Expand the eastern boundary to include the residential area caught between Ilkeston Road and the A52.

Sherwin Island noted above.

Roads include (not an exclusive list) Russley Road, Valmont Road, Rufford Avenue, Bembridge Court, Baulk Lane, Derby Road, Ilkeston Road, Ewe Lamb Lane, Marshall Drive, Stanley Drive, Park Road, Lyndale Road.

Option 2 – Extension of the South/South Eastern boundary to follow the historical line of the Parish Boundary with the alteration on the south western edge of that historical line to follow the man-made ‘barrier’ of the railway line.

Option 3 – Propose all of the above, with minor amendments to the Borough’s proposals where this relates to streets which would be subsumed by the expansion of the eastern boundary.

Option 4 – Accept the Borough Council’s Preliminary proposals with no changes.

For full details click on the link below or view from the Agenda at

And visit STC’s YouTube site to attend the meeting 7-9pm this Friday.

Please see the Community Governance Review on Broxtowe BC’s website and note:

How can I make representations?

Representations can be made in writing and addressed to The Head of Administrative Services, Broxtowe Borough Council, Council Offices, Foster Avenue, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1AB or by email to

Representations must be made by 30 September 2021.

View the PDF at



  1. This is a proposal from Green and Labour councillors on Stapleford Town Council. It is an attempt to increase their funds.
    The current Green/Labour administration in Stapleford were prevented by the Liberal Democrats from increasing their proportion of the council tax by 80%. They have legal responsibility for one thing – allotments.
    This is a power grab and many will remember the last time this happened.

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    1. Steve –

      Thanks for the context. Such a land grab is only on the cards because Broxtowe has made it possible.

      It is a shame that our Bramcote Councillors did not bring the Broxtowe proposals to our attention.

      Not least because in the Council’s own words “Between now and the end of September the Council will be asking town and parish councils, local residents and organisations, to give us their views on the suggested changes as well as any other changes (including no change) they would like to see considered in the review.” (

      Nothing about the residents of ALL the borough!

      Were it not for BramcoteToday the people of Bramcote would not have been asked and would have been denied the chance to stop the Stapleford Land Grab.


      PS The map of all the proposed changes are here:


  2. James McBrien has written to Bramcote Today to say: “Thank you for sharing these proposals on Facebook and for your work. As a resident of park road I was totally unaware of these plans and am 100% against them. Please keep me informed of how this progresses and if/when we as residents get an opportunity to have a say.”


  3. I would also echo those sentiments entirely, as made by James, and as a local resident affected by these proposals. The submissions and details do not make sense and seem to lack tangible evidence of any justification.


  4. Does Stapleford Town Council really believe that residents of Bramcote want to become residents of Stapleford just so they can invite the Town’s Mayor round! If residents wanted a Mayor to visit them they can ask for the Borough’s Mayor.

    As for the Ewe Lamb Lane ‘anomaly’ that’s a figment of their imagination. Housing in Bramcote borders that of Beeston, Stapleford and Wollaton because of urban sprawl. That is not the basis for a land grab. If you read the Town Council’s preferred option they argue that they want to ‘restore historical boundaries’ in the south whilst in the same sentence argue that you should rip up the ones in the north and east. That’s the most irrational rationale I’ve read in a long time!
    If you want to correct anomalies then Hulks Farm and the land north of Sidings Lane is in the parish of Bramcote. The historic maps prove that!

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  5. If you feel strongly about this please add your comments here but, more importantly, send them to Broxtowe Borough Council.
    Representations can be made in writing and addressed to The Head of Administrative Services, Broxtowe Borough Council, Council Offices, Foster Avenue, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1AB or by email to

    Representations must be made by 30 September 2021.


  6. Please also see the many comments on our Facebook page. Councillor Hannah Land said, “As a Bramcote Councillor I can confirm I wasn’t aware of these proposals & the pending council meeting. I’m having trouble with my council email presently so please bear with me as I can’t reply.
    Also the sound quality for Stapleford Town Council meetings have been quite terrible. I hope this is addressed in time for the meeting on Friday. I will discuss with my Stapleford Lib Dem colleagues tomorrow to ensure our views are represented. Residents are welcome to contact me or the other Bramcote councillors with their opinions.
    Tim Hallam responded, ” I’ll stream the meeting to make sure it’s audible. No need for a discussion though – I was right there the moment I read the agenda, and will make my thoughts known accordingly.”
    I suggest people email their Councillors (details at and copy in (see above comment).
    I would like to thank our Lib Dem Councillors for their continued passion and support for Bramcote; sadly not so obvious from our County Councillors.


  7. I’m shocked that a proposal of this significance wouldn’t first go to the residents involved, if as the recommendation indicates residents want this then they must show the proof surely.

    A change like this could cause significant loss in house value and increased cost of insurance and for what benefit to them, literally nothing other than accessing Staplefords Major!

    The only fair way to conclude something of this nature is to ask the residents affected, and I think we can all guarantee what the conclusion of that would be, stay as Bramcote!

    I will be writing to the council as suggested this is simply crazy. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


  8. This is disgraceful that the residents haven’t been asked first. I am on Rufford Avenue and am completely opposed to this ridiculous ‘land grab’. Please inform residents of who to contact regarding opposing the changes


  9. Thanks to Councillor Hannah Land for her explanation. See and copied below.

    Parish Council Boundary Reviews 2021.

    Never underestimate the passion of Bramcote residents! You might expect I should know this after over 2 years of service! Please note, I will pass on any comments to the council. I can’t reply from my council email presently. Hopefully normal service will be resumed next week.
    For those interested, Councillor Tim Hallam will broadcast the Stapleford Town council meeting on his Facebook page on Friday 17th September at 7pm.
    If you feel strongly about this please add your comments on my page & also send them to Broxtowe Borough Council.

    Representations can be made in writing and addressed to The Head of Administrative Services, Broxtowe Borough Council, Council Offices, Foster Avenue, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1AB or by email to
    The deadline for submissions is the 30th September 2021.
    Earlier this summer, the Borough council proposed a review of town & parish council boundaries. A consultation period has been opened. I understand notice was given to residents & interested parties – town & parish councils, political parties etc. I imagine it skipped the attention of most folks, myself included, especially in the haze of covid recovery etc. The only contact I had about it was from a Lib Dem member who is making a proposal for Eastwood Town Council area.

    I’ve had a swift learning curve this past week. As ever I’m grateful to various folks who have taken the time to explain processes & detail.

    It’s my opinion that the Borough’s proposals for Bramcote & Stapleford, involve some minor changes which should have been sorted at the last review. Things like trying to avoid splitting a street between council wards. Placing people in areas where they feel most at home. It didn’t feel that significant to me. Map is linked below. (or scroll up to the article)

    Any interested party can make alternative proposals to the council. Stapleford Town Council are doing just that & will vote on Friday to decide which option they want to send to Broxtowe Council.
    See Stapleford Town Council Agenda – linked at the bottom. Thanks to Bramcote Today for doing uploading the maps and documents.

    Groups or individuals from Bramcote can send their own proposals – perhaps we should extend the Bramcote boundaries to include the crematorium & surrounding area? Go further down Nottingham Road? Pick up some roads in Chilwell beyond the school? Councillor Ian Tyler is happy to help with a formal proposal from Bramcote.
    To provide some reassurance. Firstly any proposals made are just that – proposals! There’s no guarantee that the Borough council panel will agree to all or any of the proposals made from interested parties (groups or individuals). Stapleford Town Council can’t dictate what happens in Bramcote. They can make suggestions or requests. Just as we can make our own proposals for areas of Stapleford if we want.

    The Liberal Democrat’s do not support any attempts to annex large sections of Bramcote. We’ve made it abundantly clear at Borough level. The panel consists of Borough councillors, including Lib Dem’s, and officers from Democratic Services. They will see through agenda’s of the various groups & they also understand the areas & communities involved.

    Some thoughts on those agendas.
    Follow the money – a nice tidy precept comes the Town Council’s way – if they get all those Bramcote Homes. That’s Bramcote residents seeing additional rises in Council tax to support Stapleford. I’m told that Bramcote Hills Park was put on the negotiating table by Stapleford Town Council. Again a potentially lucrative option. Thankfully, too complicated with the connections to the schools and leisure centre. The burden of revised signage and administrative costs to the Borough council is handily forgotten by the Town Council members (many of whom serve on the Borough).

    The strength of feeling generated this week, reinforces the sense of place Bramcote residents have. We are distinct from the areas we border.
    For all those reasons, the only proposal I support is the one outlined by the Borough. Feedback is very welcome. I’ve outlined my own perspective, I will also pass on any comments I receive.
    Remember the consultation ends on 30th September. You can have your say.

    I hope this provides some clarity and reassurance.


  10. Just to be clear, the proposal is by a working party of four councillors, namely Cllrs Bofinger (Lab), Frost (Grn), Needham (Grn) and Patterson (Lab). It does not represent the views of the Town Council unless it gets voted through on Friday.
    The thirteen councillors who weren’t part of the working party were only made aware of this proposal when the agenda was released less than a week ago, and will be discussing it for the first time on Friday.
    Please rest assured that as a Stapleford resident and councillor I have no more desire to see my town merged with Bramcote than Bramcote does with Stapleford. Both communities are unique, discreet and wonderful in their own right, and should remain so.
    I’m sure that most other Stapleford councillors share my views on the matter and I fully expect the problematic proposal (option 3) to be voted down. Option 4 is much more sensible and has my full backing.


  11. I don’t know all the ins and outs about how the alternative proposals to the Borough’s have been arrived at but I don’t think the ‘land grab’ argument really works.
    The current Bramcote/Stapleford boundary follows Baulk Lane, Ewe Lamb Lane and Coventry Lane. This was the old Coventry to York coaching road and there were very few dwellings either side.
    If you wanted to use current main roads for boundaries, it would clearly be the A52 and Ilkeston Road, and indeed, for County Council voting purposes, this is the electoral division.
    But we have two main issues:
    1: Identity. Do residents of Bramcote west of the Sherwin look to Stapleford as their town centre, their community? If not, where do they look? Beeston?
    2: Finance: Do residents in this particular area want to contribute to the Stapleford Town Council precept? Ie a small increase in Council tax? Do they think their property prices would be devalued?
    I’m sure there are many other issues…
    I’ve been made aware of the proposed boundary changes by BBC – had a letter – but maybe only because my property is affected (proposed to remove it from Stapleford – a long standing anomaly for a few houses on Valmont Road)
    I’m sure everyone’s view will be duly considered and taken into account.


    1. Hi
      I’ve added my name to your petition but it is unclear if it worked, as there was no acknowledgement
      Is there a way to check this please?


      1. Hi Diane – I did receive an acknowledgement. In fact I think I received three as it didn’t seem to have a clear return page so I must have pressed the button three times. Maybe you need to try again?


  12. I love Stapleford and I love Bramcote. I lived in Stapleford for 7 years and have lived in Bramcote for 3 years. I went to Bramcote hills school and have lots of friends who lived here last time this was proposed and it was very divisive then as it is now. I wouldn’t have wanted this when I lived in Stapleford and I don’t want it now that I live in Bramcote. It’s a complete non issue and it’s already got a lot of people very angry, caused confusion and wasted time. Off the back of what we’ve all been through a more productive use of councillors time and pro active residents would be to find ways to unify our areas and levels up our communities. I really hope common sense prevails on Friday and no changes are suggested so that a lengthy and probably fraught process of us vs them and more disunity can be avoided.


  13. A few issues that could arise if this went ahead:

    – Would the farm shop have to rename itself? Therefore incurring rebranding costs? Who would pay for that?
    – Would Bramcote post office have to be renamed, again incurring rebranding costs?
    – Would over 700 houses have to change their address on all their bills, bank accounts etc, which would be a huge inconvenience and cause admin for those residents.
    – Would current signage have to be moved? Again incurring more costs.

    As I understand it a small group of four councillors put together these proposals for the meeting on Friday and have obviously had some feedback on the issue (the mayor point and the confusion issue). I’d be interested to know how many people gave them opinions and what percentage of the 700+ houses spoke into the report?

    Would it not have been easier and quicker to flyer all 700 plus houses with a simple yes/no question about whether they want the boundary moving and asked for answers via email or return the card if you don’t have internet access? It’s wouldn’t have cost much money and could have advised the four councillors on whether it was even worth pursuing any changes. As I understand it BBC did invite councils to look at issues such as boundaries as part of the CGR process, however they didn’t have to take up this offer…


  14. It’s good to see the level of interest in this topic. Please remember to share your views with Broxtowe Borough Council direct,too, so that they are equally aware. and sign the Lib Dem petition to keep Bramcote boundaries as they are.


  15. This process must be flawed if parishes without a parish or town council are left out of the loop. It’s only by chance that this review has been flagged up this time round. Changes have been made to Bramcote’s boundaries in the past which most residents will be totally unaware of. Forget about straight lines on a map and reinstate Bramcote’s boundaries.

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  16. It went to debate at Stapleford Town Council last night and the video is here. Whilst the camera was not the best position you can hear it. Unlike the Town Council video which turned off after 10 minutes of filming.

    After a healthy debate option 2 was the preferred choice of Stapleford Town Council which will now be submitted to Broxtowe Borough Council


    1. This reply is on behalf of the Chetwynd: The Toton & Chilwell Neighbourhood Forum Steering Group:-

      We disagree with the STC proposal on a number of grounds, namely because:
      1. The layout of the developments in that area is not defined and the result could be that streets/homes are arbitrarily divided between Toton & Stapleford; and
      2. As stated in the agreement between the Parishes, “the developments would be seen primarily as extensions of Toton rather than Stapleford”;
      3. Stapleford Town Council’s proposal would introduce an “isolated area” of Stapleford, cut off by the A52 and introduces unnecessary divisions within the developments in the Strategic Location for Growth.
      4. The A52 makes an obvious line of demarcation between Toton & Stapleford, which is the status quo for obvious and sensible reasons.

      We will be encouraging our members to email Broxtowe Council at CGR@BROXTOWE.GOV.UK and make a representation in agreement with Broxtowe’s proposed boundary between Stapleford and Toton so that Toton extends up to the A52 and that the boundary between the Parishes of Stapleford and Toton, agreed in February 2020, is kept.

      It would be very much appreciated if Bramcote Today readers could to do likewise in solidarity by 30th September.

      It is particularly disappointing , discourteous and underhanded that STC didn’t even have the courtesy/decency to inform community groups & others affected by their proposals ahead of the meeting where they reached their unsatisfactory conclusion.


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