Footpath Closure

Mark Sinclair writes:

The footpath which allows access to Bramcote Hills Park for Bramcote Hills residents has been blocked and closed. It is now no longer possible to enter the park via Moor Lane. Surely this is against right to roam, and as the footpath has been there for over 20 years, it can’t be legally blocked?

Emma Lane writes on Bramcote Today Facebook Page:
My understanding is that it has been blocked as the surface has deteriorated and is unsafe – as lots of kids use the route and it’s quite steep – and it has been blocked off temporarily while the schools look at having it repaired.


  1. Right to roam wouldn’t apply here although it probably would if this was in Scotland. The English right to roam legislation only covers access land (typically high moorland without walls or fences), common land registered with the local council and some land around the England Coast Path. The Scottish right to roam legislation is much stronger giving access to all land with a few exclusions such as private gardens. The path has never been registered as a public right of way and it leads onto land owned by the school rather than something like a public park. The path has always been like this as long as I can remember it seems funny that the school have chosen now to consider fixing it – maybe someone is suing them because they have tripped on it.


    1. It’s not Open Access Land as per CRoW Act 2000 and this specific access is not a public right of way ……….. so access to this private land can presumably be reasonably denied whenever the landowner wishes?


      1. The schools are owned by the local authority. That in turn is financed and owned by the people.
        This is public land and a right of way has existed for decades.
        Signs by the junior school entrance state that access is not permitted. That has no legal status, but those who suggest that be an alternative access, should take note.


  2. Unfortunately it means that everyone will be using the junior school entrance to get to the road leading to the park. Not ideal.


  3. Some sense of proportion please. The path is degraded to the point it is unsafe, needs mending and the schools (who’s land it is on) don’t immediately have the resources to do ground works with budgets for teacher and book etc under pressure. (My kid us at BHPS) I’d rather his money was spent on education.

    Invoking the right to roam is plain silly. Clearly when the resources are identified this will be fixed and reopened. The school gates 50 metres away provide unimpeded park access. Is an extra 100m for your journey really such a trial? There is no great principal here just the reality of maintenance budgets is straightened times. If you find this offensive please start a crowd-funder to get it paid for more quickly. I’m sure the community would be grateful.


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