September Bramcote CAT Meeting Postponed

Councillor Hannah Land writes: We intended to host the next meeting in early September which has come round all too quickly! Owing to busy work and council schedules, we are postponing the meeting and will circulate a date and agenda very soon! Given that Covid levels remain high, the meeting will be hosted online.

I can only apologise on behalf of all the Bramcote Councillors for the delay in circulating the minutes of the Bramcote CAT meeting in June.  These can be seen by clicking the link:


  1. Busy work load and council meetings could also explain why our Lib-Dem Councillors are not responding on this site about missed bin collections.


  2. The missing bin collections are due to;

    1. Staff being quarantined
    2. Staff from the EU returning to their homes.
    3. A lack of HGV drivers due to tests being suspended due to Covid.

    None of which Broxtowe Council having control of. Those who voted Leave I. 2016 are responsible for item 2.


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