Darren Henry’s Update on 20th August 2021


In light of the serious situation in Afghanistan, Parliament was recalled on Wednesday 18th August in order for MPs to discuss this gravely important issue.

Speaking in the Chamber on Wednesday, I asked the Government to provide assurances as a matter of urgency over the current situation in Afghanistan. Many constituents have contacted me about this important issue and I share many of their concerns. I also paid credit to Chetwynd Barracks-based 170 Engineer Group for their efforts in Afghanistan and pressed the Government to play its part in an urgent and international approach to assist the citizens of Afghanistan.

Thousands of Afghan women, children and others most in need will be welcomed to the UK under the new Afghanistan citizens’ resettlement scheme. It is great to hear that Broxtowe Borough Council has agreed to play their part too. The Government’s resettlement scheme will prioritise women and girls, religious and other minorities plus those most at risk of human rights abuses.

“Thank you, Mr Deputy Speaker. I will keep my comments today brief as I am aware many members wish to have their voices heard on this topic. Over the last few days I have been contacted by many of my constituents in Broxtowe regarding the current atrocities unfolding in Afghanistan. They have shared with me their growing worries and concerns for the people of Afghanistan, many of which I share. Issues such as: the lives of ordinary citizens, the future of women and girls, and the recent UNICEF report regarding the violence against children.
I am incredibly saddened by the ongoing reports coming from Afghanistan and would like to receive assurances from the Government that we will do all we can to help both British citizens in Afghanistan, as well as Afghan nationals.
Yesterday, I was contacted by a constituent of mine, they are rightfully incredibly concerned about their family who live in Kabul, like so many others they are looking for assurances. Broxtowe’s own 170 Engineer Group, based at Chetwynd Barracks, has a small team that has already contributed hugely to the ongoing effort in Afghanistan and I would like to send them my heartfelt thanks for the work they are doing. It is my belief that this must be addressed with an international effort and done so as soon as possible Mr Deputy Speaker.

My constituents and I would ask that the Government urgently lay out their plans to work with other world leaders to assist the citizens of Afghanistan.”

Meetings and Visits

Following a meeting I attended with concerned residents on Larkfield Road, Nuthall, in early July, I conducted a return visit on Thursday 12th August alongside local County Councillor Philip Owen and Dave Walker, the District Highways Manager from Via East Midlands. Constituents are rightly concerned about speeding and road safety issues in the area. I was pleased to hear that the County Council have committed to a further speed survey and I am raising the issues of illegal HGV access on the estate with their Trading Standards Officers.

Again, accompanied by Councillor Philip Owen, I met with Nick and Debs from the Miners Return in Kimberley. They are pressing for a better crossing outside Gilthill Primary School. Additionally we discussed efforts to revitalise Kimberley as part of the Levelling Up Bid. There is a strong feeling that the money should be used to benefit all parts of the town and this is a view I share. It was great to see Nick and Debs keen to improve the visual aesthetic of the local area and following permission from Kimberley Town Council, they have done an excellent job replanting the flower bed below the notice board on the junction of Eastwood Road and Awsworth Lane.

Thursday evening was the second meeting of the Kimberley Levelling Up Fund Task and Finish Group. One of several regeneration funding initiatives being discussed in Broxtowe. It is great to see the bid progressing as the Town Council discusses a range of potential project bids with public and private sector partners. I believe all decisions should be made by consulting widely with local people and only by involving key stakeholders from across the community in Kimberley will we have a strong bid that benefits our town.

On Wednesday 18th August, I attended Beeston Business Network’s event, its first in person meeting this year. As always, it was good to link in with local business owners to listen to their issues and concerns in Broxtowe. Many businesses have had a challenging time during the pandemic, and I am keen to do everything I can to support those in Broxtowe to get back on their feet.

Yesterday It was lovely to visit Stapleford Market and speak to the range of stallholders. This is a great asset for the town and it was brilliant to see the market well attended. It was also great to chat with Awsworth residents running the bakery stall and hearing about other markets across Broxtowe. A big thank you to Clair from Broxtowe Borough Council for her work in organising this excellent local initiative.

I also chaired the second meeting of the Stapleford Towns Deal Cycling Working Group. This group brings together key partners from across Stapleford to discuss the best ways to improve cycling infrastructure in the town. Liaising with keen local cyclists in the community we are looking to arrange a site visit to evaluate the best routes across the town where changes can be made to make popular areas and destinations of the town more accessible without the need to use a car.

Constituency Office

My Constituency Office in Stapleford is now open to the public. The office will be open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am and 4 pm. Please press the intercom for attention. If myself or my team are not available we will be working for the constituents of Broxtowe elsewhere.

As ever, I will still be available to meet with constituents. Should you wish to book a surgery appointment, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me by emailing darren.henry.mp@parliament.uk. Alternatively please feel free to call on our temporary office number 07553839428, or write to me at 168 Derby Road, Stapleford, Nottingham, NG9 7AY.

mailing address is:
168 Derby Road,

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  1. Re Afghanistan Yes any settlement in the UK should focus on women and children who are most at risk, and even family groups. It is worrying looking at airport footage it looks like its all males attempting to leave and simply leaving their women and children behind, We also need to be carefull on numbers in the UK – too big a population already Rob Hurst


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