Further thoughts around planning application for Hulks Farm, Coventry Lane

Following on from our article three days ago, plus the comments made on this website and Facebook page, Mike Lyons wishes to share a detailed plan and his comment below:

“Hulks Farm may well be in the Stapleford North Ward but it sits within the Bramcote Ecclesiastical Parish. I agree that Bramcote Crematorium is in Stapleford, whichever way you look at it.

With regard to the planning application it should be an important issue for both communities.

To pick up on an earlier comment, from what I can see it is proposed to remove 8 mature oak trees from around the pond in addition to areas of hedgerow and trees elsewhere around the site (see red hatched areas on the Tree Retention Plan).

What is not obvious is how the development will then go on deliver the required biodiversity net gain?”

You can download the plan in PDF format from the link above.



  1. Please avoid cutting down mature trees especially OAKS as they are amazing essential habitats for a vast number and variety of wildlife large, small and tiny!!!


    1. Oak trees I doubt any of the labour councillors are bothered about ,probably never even seen one.


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