Planning application Hulks Farm, Coventry Lane.

Planning Application – Hulks Farm, Coventry Lane, Bramcote, Nottinghamshire NG9 3GJ – Ref: 21/00555/FUL

Demolition of existing buildings and erection of 60 dwellings including access and drainage infrastructure, substation and open space.

Consultation is due to close on 1st September.

Details at


  1. On its own this would be fine but add it to the other plans for Coventry Lane development and it’s going to be an air pollution hotspot. Traffic is already bad at both ends of Coventry Lane and Wollaton Vale. When I’ve asked about how this massive development (the overall plan for the old school field and the other side of Coventry Lane plus the Farm development nearer Trowell) fits with the clean air initiative, I’m told the effects of the inevitable traffic jams will be ‘mitigated’. What I have now found out is that this means that a whole load of trees are going to be planted somewhere else to ‘balance out’ the effect. That doesn’t help the people who already live in the Wollaton and Trowell areas who will be forced to breathe this polluted air.


  2. I personally do not object to this planning for Coventry Lane, it looks quite a sympathetic build site and the already established pond and trees look to be kept, there has been a lot of talk about the playing field being built on which I think would be a lot worse for the aesthetics of the area and also for the houses already backing onto the playing field .


  3. The postal address is correctly recorded by Broxtowe Borough Council as:
    Hulks Farm
    Coventry Lane
    NG9 3GJ
    The Bramcote Ward boundary does cross Coventry Lane here but the majority, if not all of the site, is in Stapleford North Ward.


  4. The plans show a red bounded area of land north of the railway line. Is this land intended for development and, if so, where would the access come from? Given the additional numbers of vehicles (2.5 vehicles per house is 150 cars) that will be entering and leaving the development, is there any plan to either install a mini-roundabout or to regulate the speed (currently 50mph and often faster) on Coventry Lane?


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